Welcoming and acceptance speech

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Hi everyone. Great afternoon to all of you. My name is Wana. On behalf of Cherries Tours I want to welcome you all to Pangkor islands. The boat trip to your resort will take about fifteen minutes. I simply wish to state some few friendly suggestions prior to we reach our location. First of all you must constantly put your garbage in appropriate disposal and second of all do not leave your things ignored. I assure to all of you that we are going to enjoy your stay here in Teluk Dalam Beach Resort.

For your information Teluk Dalam Beach Resort in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia is made more appealing by Malay-architectural design chalets, bungalows and villas. Paradise by the sea, Teluk Dalam Beach Resort complements the natural appeal of this unspoiled island. You can relax, sit by the beach, delight in great meals and feel extremely safe. Actually, Cherries trips offer a range of unique discount rates depending on your itinerary.

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We have snorkeling bundles, as well as guided round island journey boat tours, and Fishing Safari. There will be a brief info session at 8am in the lobby of the resort tomorrow where you can discover all about these deals. We recommend that you do not buy packages from street suppliers as they are not constantly one hundred percent trusted. They likewise may charge you more than what they state. Please take my guidance and permit Cherries tours to book all of your field trip and activities while you are here.

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We’re going to be bring up to the resort in simply a few minutes. Please kick back and take pleasure in the view of the ocean. I ask that you remain in your seats until we have actually pertained to a total stop. Mr. Kamal will be meeting us at the jetty to assist you with your bags. Please check to make sure your bag has been taken off the boat. On behalf of Cherries Tours, have a wonderful vacation in Pangkor Island and I wish to see you tomorrow at the details session. Thank you.

Acceptance speech

Danny Thomas once said “Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.” It is such an honored to be recognized as the Volunteer of the Year. Actually, this award not only belongs to me it also belongs to all company’s volunteer that helps the Treasure Care organization. For me, you have all made a difference in the lives of thousands of children and teens fighting cancer. I’ll admit that when I first signed up to help at a “we care we serve” event, it was just as an excuse to get out of the office. However, it only took that one volunteer event to show me just how many young people there are in our community who need a role model, someone to inspire them, or just somebody to shoot hoops with them on every Friday. When the first time I saw them, I wished there was no cancer in this world, but we see cancer is all around us and know that it doesn’t care who it hits. From that moment, I realize as a group member of this organization I must help to put that smile on the faces of those who suffer. I’d like to thank the people at Treasure Care organization for the amazing programs they have for these young people, for all the events they organize, and for sharing so much of themselves with these kids. What you allow people like me to come and do isn’t “volunteer work”; it’s volunteer fun! Most of all, I’d like to thank my best friend, who’s introduced me about this organization. Getting to know you has changed my life more than you’ll ever know. Lastly, I thank you for your generous time and responses which have helped to make this event a success. “There Are Ways, To Get There, If You Care Enough, For the Living, Make A Little Space, We is all volunteers and that’s what makes this world a better place.

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Welcoming and acceptance speech

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