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Welcome Remarks

In behalf of the graduating class, it is my honour/pleasure to welcome all of you this afternoon to this solemn and joyous occasion. To our parents, guardians, friends and family, I express the deepest appreciation to you not only for your presence today but also for your endless love and support to us. I also like to extend our gratitude to our beloved teachers, faculty, and members of the ASIST for the patience and guidance you have shown to us which we will carry to face the upcoming chapters of our life. The next stage of our life is about to begin but without the supports from you, we may not have made it to this day. So again, thank you and welcome. To my fellow graduates, congratulation, I am honour to be here today graduating with all of you. These past four years has been an unforgettable journey which prepared us for what the future holds. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the bonds we developed during our time.

Many of us will surely miss these years, on how we survived here together at ASIST, and the memorable and influential moments of our lives. We began high school as children and today we leave and say good bye as adults. Remember, four years ago we walked into this halls as nervous as we were on the first day of school we were so called the freshmen before and now here we are we’re leaving the school behind. We say good bye to our four sided classroom which we have known too well, to our 30 minutes lunches, to our teachers and for those who become part of it. The most important good bye we will say is to each other and the past we created as a class, and now we welcome the opportunities of the future.

Today, it’s not only does this class graduate, but we also leave behind significant talents, wisdom and legacy. The skills and talents that once roamed these halls will be set out into this world, and I am confident they will be put to good use. We owe all of these to our beloved alma mater. Thanks to ASIST for providing us a high quality education, for helping us enhance these abilities. We are privileged to have attended this school. I am sure that the fine education that we received will stand us in good stead – time and again.

Thus I say so my dear friends let us not stop gaining knowledge. If we have done all that we could in high school, let us further our study by putting even more effort into our own chosen paths. For our knowledge is yet to grow into true maturity. But for now, let us sit back, think and reflect. As we go on with our graduation rites today, it is time to gather all that we have learned and think about them. And celebrate for all our efforts in making it into this level. For surely, we would not have achieved a great feat such as this without the wits, the power, the strength, the brains and the dedication that would usher us into further development.

Before I let my emotion sweep me away I would like to tell all my classmates who are sitting here with a square piece of cardboard on their head just one little thing. Thank you for all the memories. The fights, the team efforts, the assignments, the laughter, the tears, the prom, the photos; all of them. Wherever we go and whatever we do, may we always be friends when we meet again. We might have ended up today another chapter of our life, and soon to travel our own path but always remember that, “Every ending is just a new beginning”. Good luck and Congratulations my fellow graduates of the class of Fourth Year Emerald batch 2015.

ASEAN 5-Year Work Plan on Education (2011-2015): 4 priorities 1. ASEAN Awareness; 2. (a) Increasing Access to, and increasing Quality Primary and Secondary Education; (b) Increasing Access to, and Quality of Education-Performance Standards, Lifelong Learning and Professional Development; 3. Strengthening Cross-Border Mobility and Internationalization of Education; 4. Support for other ASEAN Sectoral Bodies with an Interest in Education • Many actions are consistent with targets expressed in the MDGs Brief Introduction • “develop human resources through closer cooperation in education and life-long learning, and in science and technology, for the empowerment of the peoples of ASEAN and for the strengthening of the ASEAN Community” (ASEAN Charter) • Social dimensions of development in ASEAN: promote greater educational cooperation among ASEAN Member States and strengthen education within them: (1) to narrow the development gaps, (2) to prepare youth for regional leadership, (3) to increase the competitiveness of the people.

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