Welcome Adress Essay

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Welcome Adress

“He, who opens the door of school, closes the prison.”

Respected principal, guest of honor, headmistress, supervisor, teachers and students. Good morning and welcome to the 64th republic day celebrations. First, let us welcome the guard of honor our chief guest Mr……………………… We will now have a patriotic song by one the student who love and respect our country from 7th A. Flag hosting is done ever year in India on 26th January. To respect and remember our mother nation India we request the dignitaries to host the flag followed by flag salute. Stand at ease attention we will have the national anthem now. “When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” So we have Arabic prayer by master Zaid Asif and its translation by master Danish. To do the welcome address I invite a student of class 9th C. He works hard and works smart to achieve his goals. Put your hands together and welcome master Siddhartha.

Moving on as per the agenda the next programme is patriotic group song competition. First group is lavender house. I welcome lavender house to sing their group song. Do you all want to know more about republic day? I welcome one of my classmates who has helping mentality and sincereity as his asset. Give a big round of applause and welcome master lisham to give a speech on republic day. Now Erica house will entertain u with their group song followed by azalea’s group song. As our national language is hindi we welcome master Suraj to give a short speech of republic day in hindi.

Last but not the least, we have daffodil house to soothen our ears with their group song.

To have a clear idea why we are are celebrating republic day 6th and 7th standard boys will be doing a skit now. Enjoy!

Now comes the thrilling movement. We have the prize distribution ceremony handled by……………………………… We welcome our esteem guard of honor and chief guest to speak a few words. Sir, pls……………………. This programme will never be complete without tanking each one of you. To give vote of thanks we have with us Master Azhar.

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