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Welcome Address for Beauty Pageant

1. What is the present population in the Philippines?

Philippines is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. It ranks in the top 20 most populated countries in the world. 2013

Total Population of the Philippines 2013


According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which is a US Government agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers, the total estimated population of the Philippines in year 2012 is about 103,775,002.

2. What are the factors that contribute population growth?

* Birthrate, infant mortality rate, health care and longevity Inequality between birth and death rates * In the past, the birth and death rates were equal, which kept the population at a balance. Several decades ago, people may have had many children, but mortality and other factors caused them to die before the age of 5. Currently, people are living longer, causing an increase in birth rates, but a decrease in death rates. Food production

* Technology has allowed farmers to increase food production throughout the world. Genetically modified foods, seeds, fertilizers, antibiotics and other chemicals to increase the size of plants and animals have allowed people around the world to be adequately fed. Malnutrition was a factor of disease and death decades ago and less of an issue in the present. Public health improvements

* According to a Carolyn Kinder of Yale Education, less than 50% of the population did not have safe drinking water before 1990. Since 1990, 75% of the population has access to safe drinking water. The ability to ensure that communities have safe drinking water and adequate places to live has caused people to live longer and reproduce successfully. Curing of diseases

* Less than a century ago, there were diseases that quickly wiped out large numbers of people. For example, the bubonic plague, smallpox and polio are examples of conditions that caused death to individuals. Due to vaccinations, antibiotics and improved education, doctors and medical professionals have cured and vaccinated severe, contagious diseases. Even ailments that are not curable, such as cancer and AIDS, can be maintained to promote longevity and quality of life.

3. What are the results of Overpopulation? Over population anywhere has negative effects. In some countries they abandon children, in others the parents die due to lack of food and children have to fend for themselves. This is where a lot of child slavery happens as the rich will sponsor a child only to keep as housekeepers and abandon them when older. Happens all the time. Best you can do is sponsor a child or send whatever you can contribute monthly as this not only helps the child, but the whole community. I find it unfair that you cannot send clothing, but by doing so, it will make others envyous. I crochet blankets, and have sent hundreds to the Ukraine and Soviet Union to help the street kids. Many abandoned by their parents who were orphans also. It is sad when one society is battling the battle of the bulge, too fat, and others go for days without food.

The main reason why the Philippines is considered overpopulated is because of the mismanagement of resources. Because it is mismanaged, too much people are not getting their fair share of the resource, even though the actually fair share might sustain them. So, not being able to sustain a percentage of their population means there are too many people for the working system to support, and having too many people would equate to overpopulation.

It is a complex study so it really hard to define overpopulation, considering resources come from all over the globe so it’s hard to measure just how many the Philippines can support.

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