Weiss Enterprises Essay

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Weiss Enterprises

1. The operations manager for Weiss Enterprises is planning to send all employees across the nine different stores to a two day course on customer service. The aim is to develop a customer centric culture across the organisation as well as provide instruction on exactly how to interact successfully with customers. How can the operations manager ensure that they gather feedback to measure the effectiveness of the training at all four of Kirkpatrick’s levels to improve future learning programs? Propose some tools and techniques that could be used.

The operations manager will need to plan how to evaluate the training if they are to encompass all four of kirkpatrick’s levels. Examples of what could be incorporated include; Level 1 evaluation-reactions, eg a written evaluation sheet completed by participants that includes questions on how they enjoyed the training, whether they felt that it was worthwhile tec. Level 2 evaluation-learning, eg at the end of the training each participant is asked to verbally state three things that they learned and create their own written action plan. Level 3 evaluation-transfer, eg at a supervisor’s meeting each store manager asked to provide verbal feedback regarding the general performance of their frontline employees. Level 4 evaluation-results, eg a mystery shopper exercise provides independent third party analysis of the customer service approach and skills post-training. Ideally the same mystery shopper exercise will have been conducted prior to the training so that a comparison can be made.

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