Weekly Reflection Essay

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Weekly Reflection

-How do your organization’s leaders influence your organization’s culture? How does the leadership of your organization achieve organizational goals? My organizations’ leaders influence our values and beliefs by ensuring our opinions are heard. The Air Force is focused on many missions. All of which are done by smalls daily goals. I work with the Medical Group for Hill Air Force Base where we ensure our airmen are medically ready for deployments. Every day we see patients; we make sure they are physically and mentally fit. If not, we profile them. -Can someone who is a leader not be a manager? Why or why not? Can someone who is a manager not be a leader? Why or why not. Just as this picture depicts, a leader is someone who helps the team accomplish the mission. They do not have to be in charge. The opposite holds true as well. A manager can dictate the way they want something done, but not help to accomplish the mission. -What are some skills that leaders need to possess?

How can managers develop leadership skills? Some skills that leaders need to possess are motivating their team, respect, delegation skills, time management, assertiveness, compassion, etc. A leader should also be willing to do the “dirty work”, just like their employees. Managers can develop leadership skills by listening to their employees and attending leadership classes. -How has management changed because of the increased role of globalization? Would a good leader in one country automatically be a good leader in another country? What characteristics should a leader have to make them successful globally? Management has changed due to the increased role of globalization because customer and leadership selections are no longer based locally. It is now internationally. There is increased competition and opportunities through market and customer base.

A good leader would not necessarily be good in another country. Every country has different values, needs, and wants. Also, not everyone in a country thinks their own leader is good. Characteristics that a leader should have to make them successful globally are sensitivity and understanding of cultural differences, business knowledge, emotional stability, communication skills, resourcefulness, initiative, and diplomatic skills. -Provide some examples of situations in which you wanted to do a great job, but you were prevented from doing so. How did this affect you? What would this suggest to you in your expectations of the performance of others? -supervision not allowing me or competitors to go up for awards -supervision not giving enough time on certain projects

-not having enough time to devote all time and energy towards patients

I am constantly readjusting my work schedule, time management, and skills due to poor supervision. I do the best possible job I can, every single day. I expect the same performance from others. The expectation is to do your best.

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