Week 2 executive memo Essay

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Week 2 executive memo

The reason for this 2 day training session is to help staff and new employees on how to use the new technology update flow smoothly. Every employee will have the one on one time to train with highly trained professionals and learn how to use this new advanced software. Many employees will be brought from all parts around the world to be trained. Trainers will also come from all parts of the country to help train with different techniques since everyone has their own way of learning. Training for this session will be from Friday September 20, 2013 to Saturday September 21, 2013. In both days, trainees will have approximately 7-8 hours of hands on training. A spacious accommodation will be provided with large screened computers for each employee.

This will allow us to exceed our objectives in training. For all the trainees and staff involved in the 2-day training sessions will have a one night hotel reservation for everyone at the Marriot Hotel with meals included. Of course this will be for the night of September 20th and after the training session on September 2st everyone is to travel back to their place of location. The project scope is to insure every trainee leaves with the same level of knowledge to insure everyone is aware of how to access data and or update it. It is our objective that everyone is happy with their decision of change to this EMR software. It is our goal that there will be no regrets and access to data is fairly simple with no drawbacks. The resources used in creating this 2 day session have been carefully evaluated to meet the needs of multiple practices. The tasks held by this event will be as fallowed:

Review SOW
Identify issues or revisions
Revise project to meet current updates
Trial the project in every facility
Install Software
Evaluate improvement
These tasks set in place are to help organizations understand the fallowing procedures after the training session. Once everyone is comfortable with the software it can then be installed into every facility in which stakeholders reside. This software is guaranteed to make hard document files converted into web files as simple as 1, 2, and 3. This new technology will follow the HIPAA requirements and provide security to patient records. It will also provide more time to staff to meet objectives around the facility. Warm Regards,

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