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Websites are an integral element in ensuring proper electronic communications between various entities bearing in mind that the world is rapidly going high-tech. Websites may thus be categorized into 3 groups namely: bad; good; or ugly. Good sites ensure fast maneuverability besides offering accurate and relevant information. Ugly sites are those that appear plain silly owing to various omissions or unnecessary additions. Conversely, bad sites have the characteristics of being inefficient to use owing to poor design.

The Department of Homeland Security website is an example of a good site because it is both interactive besides providing original and credible content. Regarding interactivity, the website has provisions for visitors to subscribe to electronic mail alerts (Department of Homeland Security, 2010). This aspect ensures that visitors are up-to-date regarding the organization’s activities. Concerning credibility, the website provides current news about activities that have been carried out by known homeland security officials.

This aspect makes the site credible with regard to information. Conversely, the Space Is the Place website appears ugly owing to its awful color combination. For example, the colors blue and yellow are placed side-to-side (Harman, 2007). The contrasting nature of these colors makes the site quite off-putting especially to color-sensitive visitor. To rectify the site’s appearance, the designers should do several things. For example, they should modify the color scheme to incorporate more complementary colors.

Moreover, they should adjust the appearance of the suspended saint to show that he is comfortable. This will make the appearance plausible by changing the current appearance whereby the saint is controversially happy while hanging in space. Moreover, by making the website’s content less crowded, the designers will make the website more acceptable. Conversely, the Ling’s Cars website is poorly designed. To begin with, the advertised cars are barely visible due to obstruction by huge adverts.

Further, numerous eerie images litter the site, making it unintelligible. To cap it all, the websites’ arrangement of various elements is simply outrageous (Biz/ed). To improve the site, the cars should dominate it since it is meant to sell them. Moreover, the images on the site should be systemized, perhaps, providing them in slide form, so as to enhance readability. To improve overall quality, the haphazard arrangement of the site’s many features should be overhauled by creating definite sections that hold specific elements.

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