Websites Analysis

Name of Website #1:

I Wanna Know


Purpose of the site:

I Wanna Know is a nonprofit organization under the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) which provides sexual health information. This website is designed for teens and young adults who may have questions on sexually transmitted infections, relationships, LGBTQ community, birth control, pregnancy and many more related topics.

Comments about the design and layout of the website:

The I Wanna Know website has a simple yet detailed layout. They are very organized in keeping each frequently asked question under the appropriate category.

Each topic has a side panel which helps readers easily find what they are looking for. (Topic?Sub topic?Details).

Identify FIVE new things that you learned from each website:

I learned that love should never hurt. So many relationships have some aspect of physical or emotional abuse and they shouldn't have to tolerate that. I always knew that no type of abuse is okay in a relationship, but this website showed me that it is important to take care of yourself first and realize that you have values and should never let someone walk all over you.

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The second thing that I learned from I Wanna Know is that there are many more STDs/STIs than I was aware of. This website covers in depth information on the different types of diseases that are taught in basic sex education class. The third thing that I learned is that in recent years, the rate of teenage pregnancy has declined in the USA.

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Teens have been taking precaution when engaging in sexual activity. They are receiving useful information from sex education class and finding accessible birth control (ie free condoms at health clinics). The fourth thing that I learned is that 50 percent of pregnancies in the USA are unplanned and they range from teenagers to older women. I thought that the number would be much lower since there are so many resources and birth control options out there. Finally, I Wanna Know taught me that a person cannot get an STI from a toilet seat. STI can only be transmitted through oral, vaginal and anal sex as well as skin to skin contact.

How was the information helpful to you?

This website helped me deepen my understanding of topics I already know. It also provides links for individuals who are seeking help and resources.

Does the website identify where it gets its information from?

Yes, I Wanna Know provides links to its sources.

Select a link and give an overview of its contents. Include any other comments or information you deem relevant:

I chose the Myths and Facts section of the website. This helps clarify some common misconceptions people have when it comes to sex education. The topics vary from STI, pregnancy, sexuality, and how your body works.

Rate the website on a scale of 1/10:

I gave this website a 9/10. There's proper information that people need to know, and it is an easy to use website.

Suggest ways that the website should be improved:

The website can be improved with a direct chat helpline.

Name of the Website# 2:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Purpose of the site:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC for short, is a large component of the Department of Health and Human Services. The CDC website has been established to allow people a multitude of access points for information including the many institutes and centers that are across the United States as well as a more general Questions and Answers phone line. This website also allows the CDC to more easily inform the public about prevention for any health risks that are currently spreading in the U.S from the common cold to more exotic health risk that have come from abroad.

Comments about the design and layout of the website:

The website design is fairly standard for a government website. The layout is basic with news about recent outbreaks, signs of whatever new illness is going across America and basic healthy practices all going down the middle front and center to catch your attention. Getting to any links that would take you to information about the site is not readily accessible. You would have to scroll to about 3/4th the page or go straight to the bottom to the "CDC Information" panel. Any information regarding STDs or Sexual Health is rather buried three or four links into the website.

Identify FIVE new things that you learned from each website:

I learned about Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) which is a serious condition that affects the area of the spinal cord call gray matter which causes the muscles and reflexes of the body to weaken substantially. I learned that Salmonella is very easily spread infection, as of December 2018, one entire product line call Tahini has been infected with Salmonella. I learned that there is a way to treat HIV by suppression with a medicine called Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) which reduces the amount of HIV in the blood to a point where a standard HIV test would not be able to detect it; unfortunately, A.R.T does not fully rid the body of HIV. I've also learned that there is a second intrauterine device call a Levonorgestrel Intrauterine Device (LNG IUD) which has a lower failure rate of 0.1-0.4% but can only last five years, where the copper IUD has a failure rate of 0.8% but a time of ten years before replacement would be required.

How was the information helpful to you?

The CDC website has taught me that there are new ways of prevention for STDs and health risks being found almost as fast as those health problems arise, as well as providing basic information and links to on the multitude of diseases and ailments.

Does the website identify where it gets its information from?

The CDC website is government operated and is its own source in, but it does say where most of the information was gathered.

Select a link and give an overview of its contents. Include any other comments or information you deem relevant:

I chose the link that says, 'Say no to raw dough", it has information regarding the health risk to eating raw dough as well as the safe practices for baking. It also links to multiple other sections of the site including Salmonella, E. coli, and more information of food safety and recall products.


I would rate this website a 7. The information available is both reliable and informative but unless you know exactly what your searching for, you do have to go through a good number of links.

Suggest ways that you think the website could be improved:

If the top of the website had links available to the separate topics or maybe a drop-down menu to do the same, I think a lot of the information would be easier to identify and read.

Name of the Website #3:

Scarlet Teen (Sex Ed for the real world)


Purpose of the site:

Scarleteen is a sexuality and relationship education and support organization website. Scarleteen was founded in 1998 to provide relationship information as well sexual information for young people throughout the world. By having a large number of adult or emerging adult educators the content of the site can be both up to date and medically accurate. Scarleteen also provides a text service and phone line, as well online live chat for information and help services. This allows the Scarleteen website to be even more of a resource for all kinds of people in the world who are seeking sexual information.

Comments about the design and layout of the website:

The Scarleteen website has the layout of a standard forum site. Any links to sections of the website as well as the live chat are all located under a dropdown menu which makes navigation easy. There are links to the multiple social networks sites that are used by the many members and administrators of Scarleteen which makes connecting to them slightly easier. The front page is very well laid out with a few different subjects of varying topics on the front page identifying what this website is for.

Identify FIVE new things that you learned from the website:

I learned about the New View Campaign. It was formed in 2000 as a way to the challenge the simplified messages about sexuality that pharmaceutical industries rely on to sell its products. I've also learned about the STI Mycoplasma Genitalium (Mgen) which was discovered in 1981 and is a bacteria that lives and grows on the surface cells of the urinary tract causing burning, itching, and watery discharge from the penis and all the above side effects as well as bleeding and pain in the pelvic area in the vagina. I learned about Endometriosis which is when the tissue like the tissue that grows inside the uterus grows elsewhere in the body. I learned that there are many things that could interfere with hormonal birth control including some antiepileptic drugs, and on some occasions even amoxicillin. I learned about Cytomegalovirus, a STI that is part of the herpes family of viruses, which causes permanent physical and developmental disabilities in infants.

How was the information helpful to you?

The knowledge I've gained from reading the many articles that are posted on Scarleteen has made me more aware. It has shown me that symptoms aren't always tied to the first thing you can think of. An example would be a burning or itchy feeling. It could be a Urinary Tract Infection, but there are plenty of other things that can cause those symptoms and should be brought up to your primary physician's attention as soon as possible to allow quicker identification of the problem in question.

Does the website identify where it gets information from?

The Website does not state where it gets its information from. There are no sources listed. The only information regarding where this information would come from is in the about section of the website. It is here that it is stated that the information that is provided is given by adult educators. There is a fine print along the bottom stating this information is for educational purposes only and not for medical diagnosis.

Select a link and give an overview of its contents. Include any other comments or information you deem relevant:

The entire Sexual Health link is a myriad of posts informing readers about STIs and STDs, what one should be aware of as far as side effects of any sexual health problems. It also has posts about Prevention with statistics for condoms in some of those posts and even a few that speak about the stigma of condoms and sexual education in the school system.


This website would also get a 7/10. Although one might find it difficult to navigate through the sections, Scarleteen gets its point across and the information is bountiful. Inform the masses from the young to the old about any sex related thoughts they would have. If these posts would state their sources, I would say without regard to navigating the site, it is one of the best resources for sexual education; Unfortunately it does not and as such would be more in line as the "Wikipedia" of sexual information.

Suggest ways that you think the website could be improved:

All they need to do to this site is add sources for where they get their information and change the navigation method. I have nothing bad to say about this website and if these two specific things can be added, it would elevate this site to what I would think as a definite resource for any all sex related topics from education to general Q&A.

Name of the Website# 4:

Better than I ever expected


Purpose of the website: is website talking about the challenges, and joys of senior sex. It is a blog website for sex positive elders that include reviews on sex toys, books, and films as well as Q and As involving authors and the community of this site. This website is to speak about the phobia regarding sexual intercourse of elderly people.

Comments about the design and layout of the website:

This website is very oddly designed. As a blog spot website, it isn't the easiest to navigate. There's infinite scrolling and the closest thing to a navigation bar is a sidebar midway through the page listing the multiple "labels" of products that have been reviews and topics that have been discussed.

Identify FIVE new things that you learned from website:

I learned that 40 percent of elderly people between the ages of 65 and 80 are sexually active. I have also learned that 17 percent of older adults have taken medications or supplements to improve their sexual function in the past two years. 50 percent of men but only 12 percent of women who are of the age of 65 to 80 said they were extremely interested in sex. Only 17 percent of older adults spoke with their doctor regarding sexual health in the past two years. I've learned that even at an older age the idea of sex is as much a social taboo as it is when you're younger.

How was this information helpful to you?

This information was enlightening than helpful to me as an individual. It has shown me that sexual intercourse is just as interesting and meaningful at an older age as it is when people are younger. Sex isn't a subject that is spoken about among elders, which in turn leads me to believe that they might not have had the same influx of sexual information from when they were younger as we do now. Sex is still a sensitive topic in most of America, but until recently with the new options we have for information through the web and technology it is getting easier to become a standard subject of knowledge, a subject that our elderly rarely spoke about.

Does the website identify where it got its information from?

This website doesn't have any reliable sources other than input from its community and its creator. The website is mostly reviews on sex toys and books. The only thing that seems to have actual sources for reference would polls that were conducted by state colleges and cited through the many media outlets like Fox news as an example.

Select a link and give an overview of its contents:

There aren't any real links in this website as it is just one major blog post. The few links that there are for example spoke about an author's views on dating and sex after the loss of a spouse and when would it be appropriate to go forward with those actions. Another link spoke about a box set of sex toys for both the male and female with detailed review of the products in question.


If it was an independent website used for the same idea and topic with better navigation it would be a solid 7/10 especially since the topic of sex at an older age is not searched for or given any thought to begin with. Unfortunately, this entire website is through the Blog spot web format, this limits the capability of what could be achieved and become standard knowledge. It could be a great resource for those who don't mind fishing through a sea of information that began in 2005, but its cluttered, its cramped, and advertisements run rampant on the side. It gets a 5/10 with the only saving grace being the actual topic of discussion.

Suggest ways that you think the website could be improved:

It would help if the creator made a specific website or even a personal website with the same ideas of discussion and conversation with the community, rather than a blog spot page. The subject of sex at old age could become less taboo and more common knowledge. It would also help if the creator would find a way to separate the links from the advertisements. They aren't as intrusive, but they do take up a lot of space, forcing to scroll half a page to find the links to topics of discussion.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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