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Type of Surveillance: survey, self report, statistics, case report, and so forth Data changes over time: Has the incidence increased or decreased? Identify two interventions that affect the issue.

Local website: ItemId/33/Default.aspx
Search and review, deaths, and
Survey and Statistics

Infant Mortality rate has improved somewhat over time, however in Arkansas has been consistently higher than that of the nation as a whole since 2007. 1. Education provided for awareness of following safe sleep practices for prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 2. Home visitation of high-risk families.

Local website: Kim, E. W., Teague-Ross, T. J., & Greenfield, W. W. (2014,
January). Telemedicine Collaboration Improves Perinatal Regionalization and Lowers Statewide Infant Mortality. Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey, 69(1), . doi:10. 1097/01.ogx.0000442817.34860.71

Hospital review, past – death involving neonates

Survey,, Surveillance Data Search, Case reporting and study. Infant Mortality was studied from 2003 – 2009, to determine whether the Telemedicine program decreased VLBW (very low birth weight) deliveries in hospitals without NICUs, impacted morbidity and mortality in these infants and decreased statewide infant mortality. Study revealed that benefits of Telemedicine are:

1. It has been used in the management of gestational diabetes, performance of targeted ultrasounds, support to mothers discharged early after delivery, and management of postpartum depression. 2. Also provide the highest-risk, highest-acuity patients are identified through a TM consultation and transported to tertiary center, whereas the more stable and moderate-risk patient can continue to be managed locally. State website: familyHealth/Pages/InfantMortality.aspx Search, Print, Educational Resources, Data – Past. and present Survey and Surveillance Data, Case Reporting

In 2009, the data provided indicated 290 babies died in Arkansas before their first birthday. Arkansas’s neonatal mortality rate was 4.1 per 1,000 live births. Arkansas’s neonatal mortality rate was close to the U.S. neonatal mortality rate, which was 4.2 and did not improved over the U.S. This website offered numerous interventions to help prevent infant mortality.

Search, Print, Data – past, deaths

Survey and Statistics

Article explaining the majority of infant deaths occurred during the neonatal period (first 28days of life). In 2008, 60% of 292 infants who died in Arkansas were neonates. 1. The Office of the Medical Examiner at the State Crime Laboratory sponsored training sessions for coroners and first responders on proper death scene investigations for unexpected infant deaths occurring in the home. 2. Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care conducted an infant death review process utilizing available data on deaths occurring in chosen communities in Arkansas. National website:

Surveillance data – past, deaths, Educational Resources
Survey and Statistics

Data provided changes from 1960 through 2008 among race/ethnicity Exhibited decline in infant mortality.
Identifies and presents support organizations to address the top causes of infant deaths in order to educate and promote prevention. National website: Search, Print, Surveillance data – past, Deaths, Educational Resources Survey and Statistics

No data change. Information provided emphasized interventions and prevention of infant mortality 1. Campaign goal to increase public awareness to reduce infant mortality 2. Creating an educational environment more conducive to modifying target population’s literacy level to reduce infant mortality.

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