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Website Review Assignment Essay

Essay Topic:

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The website www. ancientgreece. com is an interactive web location that serves as a reference point for the history and philosophy behind Greek contributions in the various art forms used in the rituals of basic everyday living to sacred cultural convention. The homepage incorporates quotes from famous scholars, such as, Aristotle and Archimedes, and a menu of thumbnail pictures that link to indepth summaries, examples, and pictures of Greek art, architecture, history, the Olympic Games, wars, geography, mythology, people, culture, and society.

The Forum is a message board to share and discuss Greek related scholastic topics and issues, and to meet and talk to other students and professors. The Essays section allows the user to browse ancient Greek essays in the topics listed above. It is also possible for anyone to upload an essay to discuss it with the other users. Help Build the Foundations is the place to contribute shared knowledge, photos, and comments on articles or essays, discuss topics, or submit essays.

The photo gallery holds pictures and information on famous artifacts, marble sculptures, and paintings. The course directory can be utilized to put people in touch with universities that offer Ancient Greek studies. The website also offers a glossary, and a bookstore with DVDs, posters, and books for purchase. For full access to the site you must register. Ancient Greece is considered the center of art and intellect. Religion dominated Greek life and that is exposed through their art and architecture.

Statues were used to enlighten the communities about the stories about the Gods. Many statues that have survived are actually Roman copies of the originals. The Olympic Games were created and held to honor the Gods, complete with animal sacrifices. Theater was a main source of entertainment. Tragedies and comedies revolved around politics and the Gods. Some of the most influential playwrights, philosophers, historians, epic poets, mathematicians, and sculptors came out of ancient Greece.

This website is a complex site with extensive information about Greece and their achievements and contributions, stretching from the Neolithic Age to the Classical Period. In terms of art, this website has pictures of artifacts, sculptors, mosaics, and paintings, but never mentions music. Music was an integral part of ancient Greek life and tradition. This site needs to include a section summarizing the variety of music the Greeks listened to, famous musicians, pictures and facts about instruments, and the purposes music served in daily ritual and cultural tradition.

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