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Website of BBC

Some examples are “buinsees. com” and “greenpeace. org. uk” which are both very straightforward. Because of this importance, some people or institutions tend to register a specific URL name corresponding to a certain entity. However, there are some cases in which by the time the “true owners” of the name come up to establish a web presence, the registrants will tend to sell the domain name at a hefty sum which is unfair to the true business owner-thus called cybersquatting.

It is very important to identify the act of cybersquatting because the problem brings a huge cost of monetary figures. It is one form of violation of business rights since malicious identities tend to capitalize on the brand name of other institutions. Identifying a cybersquatting act and knowing how to deal with it can help a person bring back his rightful internet place with very minimal damages. 2. One very good example of advertising problems online is the creation of online business opportunities.

Apparently, there are so many web companies that attract ordinary people to be engaged in a High Yield Investment Programs with very minimal investments. These companies promise that the fund will be invested in the stock market but actually it will be used for a “Ponzi” scam scheme. Thus, they are not really truthful in their advertising until the poor investor finds out it was a scam all along. In my opinion, the ethical issue with truthful advertising basically capitalizes on the trust of a person.

If no individual will be lured to the promises of a business, then most probably there will be lesser opportunities for these malicious entities to flourish. Moreover, it is very unethical for the company not to state the overall goal of the business and how to perform transactions with it. If the business is not truthful enough with its goals, then there is no reason for it to be trusted. References BBC. 1999. Cybersquatting: Get off my URL. British Broadcasting Corporation. RetrievedJanuary17, 2008 from http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/special_report/1999/02/99/e-cyclopedia/440914. stm.

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