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Website For Applicant Registration

Categories Advanced Technology, Computer Application In Education, Computer Applications, Problem Solving

Essay, Pages 5 (1055 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1055 words)

Registration is the process of entering and recording information in a register; it is the method of officially and legally recording something.

One of the most important things in every organization (political parties, start-ups or any other group.) is to have members. From “wiktionary”, members are the persons who belong to a social group or organization. There are permanent and non-permanent member in most groups where permanent members are members that intend to last or stay for a long period and non-permanent members are those who are present in the group for a limited period of time, for events, etc.

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Before joining organizations or groups and before taking part to events organised by them, a registration is required. It is asked to provide information such as Name, Contact, Address, City, Nationality, etc. This process is done by filling a form that is mostly physical (paper).

As we are in the age of connectivity, where internet, smartphones, mobile applications, websites are highly use because they promote less effort and give direct access to most of services needed, people find it difficult to fill paper forms and it is even more difficult to go where group’s headquarters are located because it is time consuming, it costs, it demands so much energy, it is not easy, it is rife with issues and papers can easily be forgotten and it take more time to analyse due to issues like bad handwriting and scratches.

All these issues prevent members to get registered.

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Regarding all the disadvantages of paper forms, the idea is to develop a website that will be called MANO-EVENT used for both organizations and members. MANO-EVENT is a website where both parties can come together, share and receive information and help applicants to join groups or take registrations to participate to events in a way that requires less effort, easy to complete and applicants can register from anywhere as long as they can access internet.


The general problem statement is that manual and paper application process takes time, require a lot of effort. Documents take up a lot of space, they can be damaged by natural disasters and they can be spoiled because of bad handling. Other specific problems are:

  1. Lack of easy and fast way to register
  2. Applicants cannot register from everywhere
  3. Applications forgotten and lost due to large pile of paperwork
  4. Paper form are not easy to know how to complete
  5. Paper forms take time to analyse as compared to digital forms.


The overall aim of this project is to design or create a website that is going to solve the various challenges identified and stated in the problem area. This includes designing an application to:

  1. Developing a website that will facilitate applicant’s registrations for events or to join groups
  2. Facilitate applicants to successfully fill up digital forms from everywhere as long as they have access to internet
  3. Facilitate groups to keep record of their members
  4. Facilitate groups to analyse and retrieve applicants’ information to have a better follow up.


According to Thomas L. (2016) Enterprises are getting rid of paper wherever possible and they are shifting to digital way of working. Papers forms filled by hand necessitates a difficult process, the collection of data is time consuming, error-prone and physical handling of papers causes problems to productivity. In addition, searching for forgotten papers is tedious and requires being close to the file cabinet. When using electronic forms, the data is directly brought to the system, it is validate and made ready to re-use.

Greg J. (2016) also talked about the drawbacks of paper form management. He finds that paper forms cause clutter, they cost money to stock, store and print, they can easy be lost or stolen and they can simply be filled in the wrong way. Digital forms give restrictions and rules to follow; once the forms are filled they are delivered to their destination effectively.

Rob H. (2018) stated that event registration simplifies and organizes the process; it often increases the number of attendants.

However, digital forms and online event registration come with their own challenges such form limitations, file sizes and formats can keep organizations from receiving important application materials. It is necessary to have access to internet in order to us this tool; there are some problems with security.

Eventbrite.com is a website that provides free online registration tools but it is mostly focused on events , MANO-EVENT will not only be focused on events, it is also going to facilitate groups to have members by offering applicants the opportunity to join their organizations.


The aim of the study is to solve the challenges faced by organizations. This project will help organizations to get more members because it makes it easier for them to receive the right information and groups can manage membership efficiently. This will also allow me to put to practice some of the web development notions thought at school develop my first website and pursue my career as a web developer.


  1. In the development process, using PHP and Databases will be my real challenge.
  2. Security issues will require a lot of work and consume much time to address them.
  3. Time limitation will also be a problem because of the pressure that it generates.


We first conduct requirements analysis, analyse the target market’s requirements. Who will be visiting the website and for what goal.

After getting all the information, the HTMLs are prepared with accordance to the standards. It requires an understanding of the W3C standards such as CSS, XHTML, etc. Once the developments are done, we proceed to the testing phase, where features of the website are tested. The expected outcome is to have a well-designed website that will attract users and facilitate the process of joining groups and online event registration in the groups they are part of. A web database will be used to manage and access through the internet. We will choose between MySQL Community Server, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Oracle Express Edition or Microsoft Access to store all information provided by applicants as well as those provided by groups.


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