Website Evaluation: Borders Bookstores Essay

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Website Evaluation: Borders Bookstores

The internet has change the way business is done and through this, there are many businesses that adhere to the establishment of their website as part of their marketing and business strategy (Horn, 2001). When establishing a website, it is essential that the web developer or the designer must be able to meet the designing rules to be able to make sure that the website created would be accessible, credible, legal and secured.

There are five basic rules that must be given attention by the web developer to ensure that the website created meet the standards mentioned above: the website must be easy to read, navigate and find and the layout design must be consistenet all throughout the site and it should be quick to download. Primarily, the goal of this paper is to evaluate the website of a bookstore: Borders Bookstore with their www. borders. com website. Website Evaluation

Because there are many people who are acessing or surfing the internet to purchase the things they need, the management of Borders Bookstores have decided to enter the internet market by having their own website (http://www. borders. com/online/store/Home). The site provides differnet products from books, music, DVDs and other cateogories. It can be said the the website of Borders Bookstores adheres to the first rule because all the written information within the website is easy to be read and understood.

Herein, the developed website for Borders Bookstores has been able to choose the best text and background which makes the users easily read and comprehend what was the website wanted to imply. In terms of navigation, it seems that the Borders Bookstores website has been able to meet the requirements of having an easy to navigate site. Herein, all the hyperlinks established by the Borders Bookstores site is clear enough to be understood by the users or visitors. In addition, the graphic images like tabs or buttons can be easily read because the developer of such website has labelled it clearly.

The Borders Bookstores website has been able to carefully and meticulously choose colors, backgrounds and textures for easy navigation. In addition, the website of Borders Bookstores has also been able to follow the rules of providing link colors to have a distinction between those unvisited links and those mostly visited links. For example, the link the categories of the products has used black text with yellow background to be easily seen by the customers who would avail the products of the company. The next design rule is the easiness of the website to be found.

In line with the Borders Bookstores website, it can be said that the site has been able to meet the third rule of having a website that is easy to find. Herein, the company make it sure that their site will be available both online and offline. To be able to make the website available to all and to be able to promote the website to all the users and possible customers, the company had used different search engines including Google, Yahoo and others. In addition, the website of Borders Bookstores has also been able to use easy to access contact information.

In terms of consistency, the Borders Bookstores website has been consistent throughout the website. In order to make the Borders Bookstores website a user friendly, the web designers has used software other than the standard HyperTExt Mark-Up Language. The website is being operated under BORDERS BOOKSTORES. The main purpose of this website is to provide information regarding the products and services offered by BORDERS BOOKSTORES, including online marketing and ordering system that the company had established.

The possible users of the website are visitors and customers who would want to avail the products and services offered by the company. The audience is universal which means that the company offers different products to people in the other regions or countries. Herein, the users may easily access all the information regarding BORDERS BOOKSTORES and the best things that BORDERS BOOKSTORES can offer for their books needs. Through the website, even customers from different parts of the world may avail of the company’s product through its online ordering system.

Herein, the customers are given the opportunity to place their order through e-mails and to know the nearest distributor of the company. The website also provides information on how the customers can avail the products. All the data that the customer gave are being protected and secured through encryption. Web designing and developing is difficult since there are many factors that must be considered in order to make the website more efficient.

One of the most important things to consider in making a website is the concept of website accessibility as part of its adherence to business ethics in terms of equality. Accordingly, website accessibility is the level in which a certain website is accessible to the internet users with disabilities. Herein, a web developer must ensure that all the virtual images used in the website should have explanatory captions or description which is readable for visually impaired individuals (Chavans & Steins, 2003)

Another importance of adhering to the needs of web accessibility is it the tendency to demonstrate ethical responsibility In this manner, if an organisation increases its accessibility level of their website and other online services to a broad range of individuals experiencing some disabilities and other disadvantaged sectors of the society, the organisation will have the ability to reinforce or strengthen the company’s ethicall responsible position (Kaplan-Leiserson, 2001). Conclusion

All in all, it can be said that the website of Borders bookstores has been able to comply with the standards of creating a website, by beign ethically responsible, legal, secured and most of all adheres to the protection of their target market. Reference Chavans, A. and Steins, C. (2003). Doing the Right Thing: How to Build Socially responsible Web Infrastructure: What is Web Accessibility and Why is it so Important. Planning, 69(7): 10+. Horn, R. V. (2003). Technology: Web Page Accessibility. Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 85(2):103. Kaplan-Leiserson, E. (2001). The Tremendous Issues of Technology. T&D, 55(11): 28+.

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