Website Design for McBride Financial Essay

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Website Design for McBride Financial

Business Goals

The main reason behind the development and implementation of a new system should be the value that it adds to the organization. No system, no matter how advanced or how many bells and whistles, is worth the cost in time and resources if it does not add value to the organization beyond the costs. For this reason, one business goal associated with this project is to increase the amount of website return traffic between 15-30% over the previous website. Adherence to the concepts of Coherence, Complexity, Legibility, and Mystery in the design of the website will be essential to accomplishing this goal (Rosen & Purinton, 2004). The second business goal associated with this project will be to increase revenue between 20-25%. Information Technology Goals

One goal with this project is to have a strong security backbone. Information Technology is advancing and growing by the minute. Without encryption, credentials sent can be easily intercepted and read by hackers, causing “irreparable damage” to the user and the website owner’s reputation (Eugene Teo, senior manager of security response at security software firm Symantec Singapore, 2014). Security will include monitoring internet behavior, login and log on password rules, software update, and privacy of information.

The other goal is to manage the website content. Managing the amount content on the website will create a visual and financial foundation which will be beneficial for the customer and owner. Elements of design and graphic which includes color, number of words per line, tastefully images, animation and/audio, images, and etc. Also music, color and lighting can influence the shopper to spend time and money (e.g., Herrington and Louis, 1994). These elements will attract customers to purchase items from the website. Attracted customers will be profitable for the company. Scope

(Scope of the proposed information system to include functions that will be included in the project.)

Potential Operational Problem

One potential operational concern associated with this project would be the accuracy of information regarding the measurements. Customer surveys are certainly not suited to the type of real-time analysis that would be required to measure impressions and traffic generated through the website. This potential problem is however easily mitigated by the integration and utilization of analytic software in association with the redesigned website. Google Analytics can easily be integrated with the website and will provide complex reporting on the precise metrics we need to measure in regards to the business goals associated with this project. Site traffic is analyzed and aggregated to produce reports useful for comparing current traffic and past traffic. These reports can also track user impressions for various pages within the website and track the conversion rate for revenue generation (The Plymouth Evening Herald, 2014, para. 5-6).

Potential Technical Problem

Volume of information and data could become an issue during implementation. Developers are afraid to take out elements after piling elements over elements (Hamilton, 1999). Information overload should not result in the implementation. The design should be appealing to the customer and have an eye-catching affect. If the website is appealing, this could create a slower load of information for the customer. If there is a slow load, the chances of luring customer on the site will be very low. Frustration is a major turnoff with customer.


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