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Web Hosting: EmiratesMac Apple User Group Essay

It is true that the power of the Internet had gone very far from its first creation. Through time, its evolution from its regular intension of file-sharing, the Internet now plays a big role in terms of communication and sharing of information.

Since the use of websites has been a must for every organization for marketing, information gathering, communication and other purposes, it is also a requirement for every business people specially to the management to carefully choose the kind of web host that they can trust and use for their website.

The aim of this paper is to evaluate and analyze the importance of websites and Internet and marketing for the EmiratesMac Apple User Group and at the end, choose and recommend a web host that will best cater all the requirements for the EmiratesMac Apple User Group website.


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The Internet

The Internet is a connection of computer networks that sends data through packet switching using Internet Protocol (IP). Also called as a “network of networks”, it consists millions of networks that sends and receives information and services like electronic mails, electronic messages (emails), chat, file transfer and interlinked websites and resources of the World Wide Web (WWW).

The data transfer technologies and communication strategies are changing the ways of many companies do business in the Internet. Depending in the nature of an organization, the benefits of the Internet in their business will vary.

As we go on in this paper, we shall describe the kinds of benefits that the EmiratesMac Apple Group would want to have in their websites and their quest for finding a web host service.

Websites : A Marketing Technique

Aside from communication, and file transfer that we already mention as a benefit of the Internet, another benefit that includes in the list is marketing. The Internet also become a large place for marketing to companies. Some companies today had grown big by taking the advantage of the very efficient nature and low-cost way of advertising and commerce through the Internet that is also known as e-commerce. E-commerce is the fastest way to share information to people simultaneously.

Benefits of Internet

The Internet being a communication and information transfer medium, had given so much ease to people in promoting their products, services or even themselves. It provides fast service, it’s a highly cost-effective business tool and very flexible in its application.

Listed below are some of the ideas of the commercial advantage of being in the Internet:

– Business with websites has a greater potential for growth. Advertising is a big factor to a business and it’s very important for a business to make the people aware of their existence and built a good relationship with them. Through the Internet, people can browse and go to their website where they can do transactions online and by that way, the exposure of the business to clients can result to better communication relationships and customer satisfaction making the company have a bigger possibility to grow.

– Bridge of Communication – Business working on joint projects or transactions benefit too since that emails and chat is available, communication will not be a problem. It will also lessen the traveling expenses of  company’s staff  to meet clients.

l  Even small companies can benefit through the Internet.

– Monitoring – Senior business people can use online tools to keep in touch and monitor the activities of their company whilst they’re away on business.

– Support – With Internet, the clients and employees can use the availability of chat and emails to answers online inquiries and questions of clients.

– Evaluation – There are tools that can be used to evaluate the status of the company’s website to analyze the activities of people browsing and using their site.

– 24/7 Presence

– Cost Reduction

– More

The ease of online transactions makes the Internet a must for every organizations to provide support and information to their customers. In the next page, we shall have a short introduction about the EmiratesMac Apple User Group, a group organized by Mac users at the United Arab Emirates.

EmiratesMac Apple User Group

website: http://www.emiratesmac.com/

Emirates Mac is a non-profit Apple User Group that was founded by the support of Mac users at the United Arab Emirates to offer help and support for Mac users and provide a nice place to get together with other people who are also interested in knowing more about Mac.

In May 2006, Emirates Mac filed its registration to be an Apple User Group and on September of the same year, the Apple Computer Inc. located at California, USA accepted the application. Today, Emirates Mac is the only active Apple User Group in the Emirates that is included in the list of Apple’s official User Group web site.

The aim of this website are:

· To organize and maintain a community of users of Apple products in general and Mac computers in particular and offer help and support to one another.

· To offer help and support both online and offline the Emerates Mac web site, meetings and other activities.

· To literate the larger market about the benefits of Apple products for the hope of making people switch to Apple.

· To help lessen marketplace misinformation and miscommunication.[1]

In the groups attempt to help spread the information about Apple’s products and Macintosh in the whole UAE, this site was created in October 2005. In its first few months, it was located at http://emirates.wordpress.com as a personal blog of Magnus Nystedt. Then at March 2006, they moved the web site to a new hosting and is being maintained up until now.

The feeling of information for Apple, Mac and iPod and other Apple related issues in the UAE are some of the main reason for starting Emirates Mac. The organizers realized that there are dedicated but silent Apple-community in the Emirates whom they want to provide a platform to so that they can use to meet each and help other without problems. Also it would as well inform the people about the benefits of Macs and iPods.

Emirates Mac is not affiliated with Apple or Apple IMC Middle East.

Current Web Host

Emirates Mac is hosted at PowreVPs, and their domain is registered in GoDaddy. The UAE/Apple picture that the viewers can see on the top left of the website and the favicon located at the address/location bar was created by MacUAE.

The site runs vBulletin, a web based forum solution that encourages visitors to post their issues and receive replies from support or other people who can help solve their problems. The site’s theme is a highly customized version of the Colors theme.

The site developers admitted that their capacity to create websites are not that well developed and they know that problems may exist in their website. This is why the developers wants to ask the users to report any errors in the website when they see any so they can fix it.

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