I will be recommending Microsoft Words and Microsoft Publisher; Microsoft Words have many features that allow the user to write or process letters and allow has spell and grammar check so that the user do not use don’t make mistakes. In words you can make newsletter but I recommend Microsoft Publisher because the software has many templates that are already made that the user can access it, it will make it easier for the user and saves time instead of vesting time on creating a template.

Web Browser: Web browser is what the user uses to brows the internet, Web browser will allow the user to access the websites, Web browser will allow the user to make site the user goes on the most to add to his favourites so that he does no have type in the domain name.

The user can also set his favourite website as his homepage so that when he starts the Web browser program it loads with his favourite site.

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The Web browser program that I will be recommending to the company is Internet Explorer, I recommend Internet Explorer because Internet Explorer comes with the windows and it’s free, and it’s very user-friendly and will allow the user to add favourites and make any site his homepage, for all these reasons why I recommending Internet Explorer. E-mail software: E-mail software is what people use to send and receive e-mails; the company will use the e-mail software to sent e-mails to their staff and clients.

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The company might also use e-mail to send newsletters to their costumers they can also send memos, any kind of letters, any type of documents, pictures, photos and any type of multimedia that the company might want to send it to their costumers. The software that I will be recommending to the company is Microsoft Outlook 2003; I recommended this software because the software can manage all the e-mails, user-friendly option menu, Organizes the Inbox, Automatically organize messages and receive reminders, Access your Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks quickly, these are the features that make me recommend this software. Adobe Photoshop CS2: Adobe Photoshop CS2 is software that is used to edit pictures, make pictures, logos and any thing to do with pictures.

I recommended this software because the company will be taking pictures of houses and showing them to clients and putting them on their websites, with this software they can Multiple layer control, Smart Objects, Multi-image digital camera raw file processing, 32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, Image Warp, Customizable workspaces and menus, Special effects filters, and these features that makes this software then best options, also is it one of the latest and most powerful pictures editing software around. Microsoft FrontPage 2003:

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 is software that is used to create websites and edit website. I chose this software because the company will be creating a website and they will be updating it regularly also uploading images. I chose this software because it one of the latest and the one of the powerful one around, also you can edit all kind of websites and that make this software the right option. Required hardware: This is the desktop computer that I will be recommending the company because I think it is suitable for all the tasks that the company will need to do. Key Features:

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Dual-Core FX-60 with Hyper Transport Technology, Cool’n’Quiet(tm) technology: I chose this processor because it the latest and the most powerful processor around and also it will be able to run many program with out freezing, also has a 64 Dual-Core FX 60 with Transport Technology allow the user to display very high quality graphics, Hyper Transport(tm) technology will increased overall system performance with a 2000MHz system bus, in Megs Estate Agents they will be able to present very highly displayable graphics, also has a built in Cool’n’Quiet(tm) technology this hardware will keep the presser cool at all time with the lowest amount of noises so that the user does not loss concentration.

Operating system: Microsoft(r) Windows(r) XP Professional Edition: I chose this operating system because it is the latest one out and the most reliable and the most powerful one around. I chose it because it is more stable then the other system and it will handle most of what Mags Estate Agents will need to do with out crashing and defend the PC against Viruses, Worms and Hackers with Advanced Security installed freely also it support the processor.

Case: Brushed Aluminium ATX Midi Tower +550W PSU – Black: I chose this case because it looks very attractive and modern to the eye, this will attract some clients, also made out of aluminium this cools the CPU three times more with out a cooling unit. Motherboard: ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe PCI-Express Mainboard – ATX: I chose this motherboard because it one the most powerful, and also it reliable and stable, it will allow the user to run mush program as he like with out freezing also its powerful enough stabilise the processor. Memory: 2048MB DDR400 Memory – PC3200 (1×2048): I chose this amount of memory because with this amount of memory they can load many pictures, program, multimedia presentations, database, letters and any thing the company need to load and still have lots of memory left to allow the computer to run fast and effectively.

Hard drive: 800GB (2x 400GB) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 16MB Buffer: I chose this amount of space because I think this amount of space will be more then enough for the company to store their pictures, their multimedia presentation, videos, website and their client details. I chose this hard drive because it has 16MB Buffer speed this will allow the user to go through his work very quickly because the hard drive will be able to transmit 16mb a second, also it has a large buffer and enhanced reliability. Optical drive: SONY 16x Dual Layer DVD-Re-Writable +R/-R/RW: I chose this drive because this drive will be able to read DVDs, DVD-Re, CDs, CD-Re and Dual Layer DVD and DVD-Re.

I chose this because it saves space on the tower will be able to read all the CDs the user inputs. Video card: 2x 512MB nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX – DVI – SLI Configuration: I chose this graphic card because it is one of the most powerful one around and also it is strong enough to work with the CPU and the motherboard, this graphic card is made to high intense gamming but I chose it for this company because they will be handling very high quality graphics and also be working on multimedia presentations and the graphics and card will be able to display all of them. It combines two NVIDIA SLI-certified graphics cards in a single system allows you to essentially double your graphics performance and that displays the best image on the screen.

Sound card: CreativeLabs Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS: I chose this sound card because it is one of the least and the fastest around and also this sound card is made for high intense gamming but I chose it for this company because they will be showing their customers and staff presentations and this sound card will supply the highest quality of sound and this will make the clients happy and they may buy a house and make the staff happy.

Symantec Norton Internet Security 2006 anti-virus software: I have chosen this software because just incise the system get a virus this one is one of the best and the most reliable around. Peripherals: Speakers: Creative Labs Inspire T7900 – 7. 1 Surround with Subwoofer: I chose this speaker because it one of the powerful speakers around and also it gives the audience a cinematic effect.

I chose this because this speaker was made for home interment system, but I chose it for this company because they will be presenting presentations I this will provide the best quality of sound and make the audience fell like they are at a cinema or at home. It has 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer also these are the only type that will be good enough for the sound card. Keyboard: Logitech Cordless Keyboard: I chose this keyboard because it is wireless and that makes it very easy for the user. Mouse: Rechargeable Cordless Mouse: I chose this mouse because it is wireless and that makes it very easy for the user and he does not have to be near the computer to use the mouse.

Monitor: 27″ Viewsonic Widescreen LCD-TV – Model N2750w: I chose this big screen because the company needs a big screen because they will be presenting multimedia presentations also power pint presentation, I chose the big one because it is big enough for the all the staff to see he presentation.

I chose the monitor because it is widescreen LCD TV, it does not take up much space on the desk because it flat and give very high quality images because it LCD also it will allow the graphic card to perform at its best and it is reliable. DVI cable: DVI connector Cable: I chose this because DVI is a new form of video interface technology made to maximize the quality of flat panel LCD monitors and high-end video graphics cards.

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