Web Based System Essay

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Web Based System

One of today’s technological advancements in different industries is the use of a web-based and online application. A web based application technically refers to software package that can be accessed through the web browser. Application software is the software which helps the users to accomplish a specific task in the computer system. Online applications are the ultimate way to enhance your organizations productivity and efficiency. Almost all universities nationwide have different events and activities every school year.

Philippine Christian University has a lot of activities in the whole school year. This activities includes University Intramurals, The physical education Interclass, Basketball and other sports competitions and try-outs. The University also has many events every school year like university foundation week and beauty competitions of different departments in the university. The organizers of these events are using the old way of inviting, recruiting some members and displaying of events and information in the university.

Organizations and university departments has a problem on planning events because they have to go and meet at the university to plan what want to do. Another problem is the posting and sharing event and information, according to the research organizers usually post events on a simple cartolina paper and place in any part of the university. To help solve the problems the researches will develop a web-based online event planner this will make the job of the organizers fast and easy.

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