Wearable Technology Essay

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In this modern era, technology has been as much advanced that we can even think about it in our daily lives. Scientists invent another technology called Wearable Devices. Most of the devices that we use in our daily life are not that much flexible, heavy and it is sometimes hard to move the device from one place to another. But wearable devices are approachable everywhere, every time. That lead to saving our precious time and people more likely to get more advanced along with technology.

There are some digital watches in the market that helps to harmonize physical fitness, connect with society, physical health tracking and many more. These devices have mini or microsensors that helps the device to work properly and approach to the circumstances.

Further, we are going to discuss that scientists create the material of fabric alternative to batteries for wearable devices. According to Andrew, Chemist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, these devices can be inserted in any fabric or clothe with embroidery along with charge-storing pattern (Andrew, 2018).

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This device is the latest technology with unique sewing technique and vapor-coated thread that is made at the university lab. Micro-supercapacitor is used in this device with a polymer film. This device has high potential to store charging system according to the size of this device and other special features of biosensors. Basically, this device is integrated into any kind of garment with sewing circuit (Andrew (2018). In the words of Andrew, Zhang, and Viola, “supercapacitors are ideal candidates for wearable charge storage circuits because they have inherently higher power densities compared to batteries (2018).

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The vapor is highly expensive and some technical difficulties are not tending to use by scientists but in recent research, it shows that vapor is cost-effective, said Andrew (2018). Trisha Andrew and her colleagues are working these days to inventing another embroidered charge-storage so that they can create that kind of clothes which can help to monitor human’s joint movements and gait every day (Andrew (2018). Moreover, I have seen one video on YouTube in which the person named as Charlie warzel, implants the payment chip in his hand. He found a guy who was chipping people in Sweden and he got payment chip done from him. Charlie was rejected so many time for payments because people didn’t believe about that. According to Charlie, it was a glass chip and lasts for one month in his hand. He did not carry any kind of card and money for one month and the reason behind this plan was to feel that how people will respond to payments in future. (CNBC, 2016).

This is the picture of fabric alternative to batteries for wearable devices: – T-shirt with charge-storing system. Credit: UMass Amherst/Trisha Andrew References University of Massachusetts at Amherst. (2018, November 8). Materials scientist creates fabric alternative to batteries for wearable devices.


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