We Should Give Proper Respect to Our Veterans

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Veterans are extremely important to our nation’s history and future because of how hard they have tried to keep our country safe and protected at all costs. Many have fallen defending our country so that we can have our freedom Everyday they continue to shape our country’s future and help move us forward The dedication that they have towards our country makes me realize how lucky I am to be living here in the United States, They love this country so much that they would spend months on end just to make sure that our country is protected, All of those who have died fighting for our rights to me is considered a hero.

Without their sacrifices, the country that we know today would be drastically changed. Everyday they stand up for what they think is best for our country and its people and are willing to put their lives on the lines for us. Because of these outstanding people, we are a free country with many rights and amendments to keep us safe, protected, and content.

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Aveteran has served and paid their dues for the rest of us. They are heroes that are not paid much but instead of a paycheck chose a hard life so everyone of us can be free.

Thanks to them, our future is secure and we can be assured that our rights, liberty, and freedom will be protected for generations to come. Everyday they will continue to fight for us and defend our incredible country under any circumstances.

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Some countries aren’t lucky enough to have veterans that are as brave and courageous as we do, so we should remember to be thankful for them everyday. We should always be grateful for the fact that we live in such a prodigious country. They pay the price of freedom through mental and physical scars that have been with them from wars they have fought for us so we didn’t have to. That alone is a significant enough reason as to why we should honor our veterans and pay our respects to them. Although their sacrifices are tragic, the things that they have accomplished for our country is an astounding feat that 1 am extremely appreciative for. Instead of only giving our thanks to those who have served our country on specialized holidays. we should be grateful to them everyday because of the fact that they have sacrificed many things in their lifetimes and experienced countless hardships just so they could defend the country that they know and love, I will never take our veterans for granted and I will always support and give thanks to them as much as I can.

Without the veterans who have fought for numerous years before us, there would be no United States, They are the people who have shaped this country into the astonishing place it is today. The aftermath that these veterans face after war is terrible. They cannot get the images of what they have been through out of their heads. The things that they have seen will continue to haunt them for the rest of their lives, After they are sent home, it is hard for them to adapt so suddenly to a new life style The time that they have spent out in the battlefield could have been spent with their family, friends, and other loved ones. The guilt of not being able to see them for such long periods of times weighs on their conscious. We should always thank veterans when we see them so we can let them know that we appreciate all they have done for us and that their efforts have not been for nothing. Although we may not notice it, the things that veterans have done for us affect our lives on a daily basis. We should not take things like our freedom, and being able to live in a place where we feel safe and protected for granted. Every night we are able to sleep without having to worry about being attacked. We should all realize what they have sacrificed for us so that we can all live peacefully. Some countries don’t get the right to practice their religion of choice, speak freely. and not be controlled by the government or anybody else. They live in fear of their government or dictator which is a tragic thing that we do not have to face. We would not have any of those privileges if it wasn’t for the wars they fought many years ago and still to this day, they are fighting to keep our rights safe. We are very lucky to have veterans who are as dedicated and devoted to our country as we have here in the United States.

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