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We Need to Talk About Football Diving

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Diving, is when athletes imitate an injury in soccer but FIFA the FГ©dГ©ration Internationale of Football Association call it a simulation. This is bad because it gives soccer a bad name because the kit causes FIFA to lose viewers, and it is considered cheating. There is also little to no penalty for faking, or exaggerating an injury!

Simulations give soccer players and soccer a bad name. An example of this happening would be in Neymar Jr. an unsportsmanlike soccer player because of his over-exaggerated fake injuries.

In the article Why Soccer Players Take Dives states, ‘Brazil’s Neymar Jr. whose tumbles in the 2018 World Cup have inspired memes and mockery’ (Umair Irfanc 1). This humiliating for him and the wondrous game of soccer. The worst part is referred look the other way or doesn’t notice when players like Neymar Jr are using diving at their advantage.

Every time a player takes a dive(simulation) fans like Ron Furlong get frustrated because it is unfair to see the other team getting their a player kicked out or even worse getting a free-kick.

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Ron Furlong said in How the Ethics of Soccer Players Faking Injury Is Killing the Game ‘One thing, however, is beginning to test me and my love and enjoyment for the game of soccer, is diving ‘( Ron Furlong 1). It is not good because if soccer rules don’t change they could lose a lot of fans like Furlong. This is said in Why Soccer Players Take Dives ‘The Americans who cite diving as unfair and unsportsmanlike, and the reason they won’t watch the World Cup’.

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Diving is cheating because it can decide who the winner is in a soccer match. A great example would be in the passage Why Soccer Players take Dives the author states, ‘ Spanish defender Gerard Pique accused Portugal’s captain Cristiano Ronaldo of exaggerating a fall to secure a penalty kick in their 3-3 nail-bite'(Irfan 1). This is not fair to any team and the worse part is that soccer players are now relying on deception to win soccer matches. In Why Soccer Players take Dives it said ‘ The pros have refined diving into an artful tactic that can yield a critical edge in a highly physical contest'(Irfan 1). Teams should win on their skills, not cheap tactics that anyone can do.

Officials should prohibit ruse, like Diving because it is turning an honorable game like soccer into a drama invested spectacle. This is why Diving should be banned in all soccer matches.

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