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We discuss a number of important mechanisms used in healthcare

We discuss a number of important mechanisms used in healthcare to reduce the probability of cybersecurity threats. The threat of cyber-attack in healthcare is mostly determined by end-point sophistication, followed by internal coordination. Although the availability of resources is critical for fueling initiatives to close cybersecurity gaps low resources could be balanced by maintaining a high cybersecurity goal.


The new technology will allow the medical staff to operate more efficiently by getting live health data of patients that are in critical conditions.

As with any technology that collects data, there are concerns regarding collection of data, its storage, individuals that view it, and its use. In addition to implementing policies and standards in regards to handling such data, the organization responsible for collecting and saving such data must be certified and compliant with the standards to maximize security effectiveness.

The challenge is to close the gap between the two objectives, minimize compromises and guarantee patient safety while responding to the changing risk environment of cybersecurity.

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Medical devices have now become an integral part of medical networks and should thus be part of cybersecurity protection in terms of their security.

Next Steps

The mission is to enhance the health and wellbeing of patients. This can be achieved by implementing appropriate security solutions, in line with HIPAA, NIST, ISO requirements and other regulations. Thus, the following best practices will be implemented, to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of healthcare systems and data.

Security threats should be identified and anticipated, and implement defense in-depth to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack.

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(segmented network)

Establish a platform of ?informed vigilance ? with regard to security, and be ready to react swiftly and effectively in case of an incident. (a comprehensive response plan)

Use advanced, automated detection mechanisms to identify patterns and monitor intrusions even before they get to your network. (anomaly and host based IDPS)

Continuous training and awareness programs for staff and end users. Human error constitute a greater percentage of incidents. This can prevent ransomware, insider threat, and effective detection of unauthorized activities.

Enforce advanced system security to consistently enforce password standards.

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