We are so busy making a living that we forget to make a life

“We are so busy making a living that we forgot to make a life.” This statement is one of the best descriptions of Hong Kong dwellers. There are multitudinous researches have stated that Hong Kong is one of the fastest pace of living, one of the cities having the most expensive land price in the world, one of the most stressful city…etc. I believe these “one of the” can explain why Hong Kong people are so unhappy. In the following paragraph, I would like to discuss the contradiction of our lifestyle and giving out some of the suggestion.

Why am I using “contradiction” instead of using “problem” in last paragraph? It’s because I think a lot of Hong Kong people chooses to live for work instead of work for a living.

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According to an up-to-dated research did by the University of Hong Kong “Public Opinion Programme”, the negative influences caused by the working environment and amount of hours worked has been investigated.

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The result of the analysis has showed, there are more than 40% of employees facing the problem of insomnia. Even within the interviewees that did not suffered from insomnia, but more than 80% is still feeling tired after they wake up in bed. Around 35% of repliers have pointed out a very serious problem. They are suffering an imbalanced life both physically and psychologically. Base on the result of the sentiment evaluation form

(DASS21), they occur different level of depression, anxiety and stress. Furthermore they sacrifice their interest, as well as their family and social life through the process of living for work instead of working for a living.

"Everyone is stressed, and we've begun to think of that as normal, because we've gotten used to it," says psychotherapist Robert Friedman, author of “How to Relax in 60 Seconds or Less”. "We sometimes try to pretend it isn't there, but stress is a hidden killer." Therefore we should put our face on this issue, to make some changes personally to achieve balanced life, for
example work with passion and fall in love with your job, just like Nicolas Tse. This might improve your working atmosphere. Moreover plenty of research has proven that regular exercises can assuage stress and provide physiological benefit. Just like one of my colleague, after riding bike to work, his cholesterol and problem of lateness has improved dramatically.

On the other hand, if the employees of a company would work with passion and stress free, their productivity will improve significantly, becoming a win-win situation. Therefore I would like to share two companies on how they help their staffs through the programs of relaxation. Music is an extremely effective stress management tool. It

can provide a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. This type of music can have a positive effect on our physiological functions, decreasing the levels of stress hormones, lowering blood pressure, and slowing the pulse and heart rate. When it comes to the usage of music, the huge fashion chain, Hollister.Co is one of the most outstanding stores.

In the employee’s view, hierarchy is the one of the most breathless issue among a company. Hence I suggest each of the company to settle this problem. And “Post production office“is very successful company in dealing with the hierarchy problem. Nicolas Tse(The CEO of P.O) has held different group activities for its workers to eat, play, and travel together. At the same time it allows its employees to have the choice of elastic working hour which helps relieves a certain amount of stress and efficaciously improve their staff's mental and physical health issues.

In my perspective, family life is necessity to everyone. For this reason, I believe each of us has to allocate a part of their daily lives as leisure time and try to get along with their family members. Of course, family members should also show a certain amount of understanding as to the amount of time you spent. This would ameliorate your relationship between your families effectively.

As a conclusion, I sincerely hope that Hong Kong people would understand working is just a part of your life. To achieve a more balanced lifestyle, the most important thing is your values and bear in mind, money is not everything.

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We are so busy making a living that we forget to make a life
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