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We all know that we need some sort of exercise to stay

We all know that we need some sort of exercise to stay fit and strong, to decrease the likelihood of getting some sort of health issue and to maintain a healthy weight. Walking is the most popular form of exercise that doesn’t require much from the individual beside the motivation to start moving. When trying to go for a walk, you don’t need any special equipment other than some supportive walking shoes. And there is no need for an expensive membership at a fitness center.


You can include walking into fun and challenging daily activities. Like instead of walking alone, you can take your dog for walk or if you don’t have one then volunteer as a dog walker at a shelter. Try listening to music when walking, when you include music to your walking fitness it makes the activity more enjoyable and help motivate you to walk farther or faster. Include a family member into your walking activity, go for a hike or walk in the park instead of going to the movies.

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You can take the stairs instead of taking the elevator to burn more calories. Park your car farther away from your workplace or school or if you take the bus, get off a stop early and take the rest of the way to your destination.


There are many ways you can include walking into your daily life. By including the list that I have listen will help you to keep you weight under control.

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It will also help with improving you muscle and joint by keeping you strong and flexible. Walking regularly is especially helpful if the individual is overweight or have arthritis. By walking daily, it will help by reducing the stress and aches in your knees, hips, ankles, and lower back. Walking can be for different reasons also, including improving your move and energy levels if done daily.


Researchers believe that walking can have more benefits than running. People believe that because you are running, you are burning more calories than walking. They believe that walking and running burn the same amount of energy, and walking has greater effect on protecting against heart diseases than running.


Walking is also improving blood pressure, and help the person to have a good sleep. I have found that walking to be the best type of exercise for me because I like the idea of getting a fresh air outside while listening to my favorite music. It has also having me feel less stressed and have fewer headaches. Because as a college student since that you are mostly studying, students are more likely to get some sort of stress or depression throughout their college. They just have to find some sort of activity that they enjoy getting more energized.


Some people don’t know that there are significant advantages comes with walking. Today, people are living an unhealthy lifestyle. There are more fast-food restaurants that are open today and homemade food are being replaced by them. People do not spend as much time as they used to and cook their meal at home, because they are busy and spends more time outside than home. They also buy more frozen food or store-bought food instead of making them themselves. There are more things being done online like online banking, shopping, doing daily task than moving around and having less physical activity.


By taking half an hour to go for walking can reduce those health issues and burn more fats. Walking has many more benefits listed in this paper and can relief more than you think.


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