Ways you can motivate and engage learners Essay

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Ways you can motivate and engage learners

Learners can be very hard to motivate it depends on them what they want to learn and what they do not want, but a good teacher set this out of the way making things productive for both learners and teachers. I think learners should be given an award explaining that the course they are in are going to improve their skills, enhance their knowledge and will increase their income making them more motivated and engage at their work. Reward can be just an affirmation that they are doing well in their progress making them feel that, their doing is important. It will open their minds and trust you making the relationship more achievable and minimise barriers. You have to make sure that the course their doing has a real value, making them feel that being on it will make them more of who they are like improving their way of communicating or more likely to be more approachable by others in their field of work.

Another one is help them perform better, connect them to the course content, make your topics interesting and challenging, sometimes one way of motivating somebody is by making them challenge in a way that they perform better than what they are at present, it’s a win- win situation as others call it. Make questions that they know the answer making them participate more not making your subject boring and less likely to make them sleep. Next is set clear expectations for the course, expect clarity on what they will do because they have allotted their valuable time in the course and let them know what is going next not leave blind and do not know what to do next, you always have to show them that the course their taking is not just a next click on the button that they are not aware of, it has a meaning and at the end its productive.

Do not make them think that the course is confusing, always make clarity. Sometimes you can tell them that they are wrong in some ways, controversy gets our attention and is a good way to motivate, challenge a person on what they believe and tell them their wrong and you will see that they will prove you wrong but using this needs to be tempered with common sense. There are a lot of ways to motivate your leaners, it’s a strategy and challenge for the teachers to be able to experiment on their approaches with different sets of learners making the work fun but having the objective achievable at the end, making both learners and teachers shared their ideas in improving one –self’s character in a more positive and human ways.

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