Ways to Get Good Grades

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There are several good techniques in making good grades. First, it is very important to attend all the classes. It is sometimes especially difficult to arrive and stay awake during early morning classes. So, preparation is important. You must go to bed early, sleep well, get up and have a good breakfast. Studies show that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing 50% of the nutritional support that a student needs to succeed.

Carrying a cup of coffee to class is a good addition to breakfast.

Once you arrive, note taking is very important. Next, it is important to study and review notes immediately after class while the information is fresh. That way you can study the things that you didn’t understand well in class. Making time to study after each class prepares you for the quizzes. And studying after each makes the final exam much easier because instead of “cramming” the night before the exam, you only need to do a little review.

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It is of course very important to turn in all homework assignments. Homework accounts for 20% or more of the final grade. Lastly, the most important ingredient needed to make good grades, is the right attitude. You disposition is of great importance. If you want to make good grades, it is easier to put in the time required to work and study hard. With the appropriate dedication and planning the path way to good grades are as simple as following a recipe for success.

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Ways to Get Good Grades

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