Ways in which a teen can make school like meaningful Essay

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Ways in which a teen can make school like meaningful

In today’s fast –paced society, the main focus of school seems to be purely on academics so that students are equipped with the relevant knowledge to ace their school as well as national exams. Students sit through hours of lessons, then return home to study even more. The text book information would not be of much help to the students after they have graduated and moved on to the working world. The sole focus on the memory and recalling of these knowledge has made school life less meaningful for students. As such, there is an urgent need to make school life meaningful and useful for students. In this essay, I will be discussing a few ways which this can be done. Encouraging students to contribute to the community is a way to make school like more meaningful. Monthly visits to orphanages or elder homes to interact and keep people there company would definitely bring happiness to them.

Most people there feel upset that they have to be cared by others, instead of their own families who are supposed to stick with them through thick or thin, no matter how old they are. By going to these places, students can lend them a listening year as they express their bottled up emotions. They would feel that someone truly cares for them and would make a significant different to t heir otherwise boring, dull lives. At the end of the day, they would be satisfied that they have done a good deed. Thus, helping the less fortunate through their suffering would make school life meaningful for students. Joining clubs with nobel causes would make school life meaningful. There are several clubs such as environmentalist, health, animal care clubs which students can set up in school or join. Raising awareness for these causes or participating in the club’s activities helps them balance their time with academics properly.

There are many channels which support youths who want to promote their cause. For example, the environmentalist club can take advantage of these opportunities to educate the public about current issues like global warming, the effects that come with it as well as offer solutions which people can do to play a part in saving the environment. Mass media can be used to organise events like plant a tree. Thus, joining these causes, students can make school life more purposeful. Teenagers can make school life meaningful by learning as many values and skills from it. Through individual projects, students learn how to organize data and present them in an appropriate manner. Group projects teach the importance of working well with others and accepting everyone’s opinion.

When a student does not do very well for a test as he expected, he must not be discouraged but take that as a stepping stone to his success and work even harder. Students can also learn to communicate their ideas effectively. They also learn how to write emails in a professional manner. All these school would be beneficial to them later in their lives so they have to use these skills to their advantage. Thus, learning values would make school like meaningful to them. In conclusion, joining clubs, contributing to the community and learning helpful values will make school life meaningful to the teenagers. In the near future, I hope that schools will better promote ways in which school life would be more meaningful to the students.

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