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Way of preserving your wine Essay

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As a wine importer, educator and wine writer, I get asked time and again- “how long can I keep undrunk bottle of wine once it is opened? ” and “what is best method for preserving half drunk wine? ” Each and every time I have answered the questions to questionnaires, today I felt like writing about the ways of preserving half drunk wine that can remain fresh and drinkable for several days after opening the bottle. We often completely drink a bottle of wine once it is opened since we socialize a glass or two with family and friends and it gets completely drink.

Once wine is completely finished drinking, there is no concern about preserving remaining wine that was purchased for expensive price. Usually, that is the case in Nepalese market. However, in some occasions, we have some undrunk wine and we want to keep it for future consumption but we know that it gets undrinkable in couple of days later and don’t know how to preserve it.

I have seen people looking for ways of preserving undrunk wine as fresh as possible for several days’ later consumption but they have reported that wasn’t the case more than often.

It is regrettable and disappointing to see such a good bottle of wine go wasted. Don’t worry, we have several solutions to our problem and apply whichever we find easy, cost effective and appropriate. Below are tried tested several ways preserving our wine as fresh as possible for at least next five days: 1) Argon gas preservation method: This method of preserving half drunk wine is very simple and easy; however, unavailability of argon gas in Nepal; we couldn’t apply this method at the time of writing this article. Hope demand for this gas increases in future and we could import or create in Nepal.

Usually Argon gas comes in bottle with pressurised one way valve system. Simply release pressurised argon gas inside the half drunk wine bottle for three to four second and close your wine bottle with cork or other type of stopper. Keep your wine bottle inside the fridge or outside in room temperature; wine remains fresh for next 3-4 days. Longer it can keep if wine has good quality wine which needs oxidization after opening the bottle. 2) Transfer Method: There is cost effective, quick and easy way of preserving our undrunk wine is transferring remaining wine in smaller bottle.

Transferring wine in smaller bottle prevents wine coming to contact with oxygen; therefore, we can remain fresh for several days. The main enemy of wine spoilage is oxygen coming in contact with wine and being terms called ‘oxidized’. Once wine bottle is opened and few glass of wine is drunk, oxygen sits in empty space of the bottle. In later time, oxygen comes in contact with wine and wine gets ‘oxidized’ and becomes undrinkable. For preventing wine from oxidization, transferring remaining wine from bigger bottle in smaller bottle prevent the wine to be as fresh as the day it was opened.

This method is most practical and cost effective for regular wine drinkers at home or in the restaurants. 3) Using Coravin method: Coravin method is the technique of taking required amount of wine out of bottle without taking cork out. With this method, an innovative device is used for injecting wine by inserting syringe type of device which penetrates through cork and helps to take required amount of wine out of bottle. As we take wine out of the bottle, argon gas gets injected in the bottle for filling empty space.

Caravin method is applied for very expensive wines which can be drunk little by little for longer period of time. Usually, wine is expensive and we don’t want the wine to go off in any cost. This device in not available in Nepal and it is very expensive purchase. 4) Using Shielder: Wine Shielder is type of innovative round think object that is dropped inside the bottle which sits on top of surface of wine, separating wine from empty space in the bottle. Wine Shielder basically prevents oxygen coming in contact with remaining wine inside the bottle so that wine doesn’t get oxidized.

The shield is assorted with nitrogen which floats on top of wine inside the bottle preventing oxygen coming in contact with wine. Wine Shielders are very hard to find in wine accessory stores but can be often purchased online. The Shielder is costly and it can’t be reused. 5) Using vacuum method: This method is very simple, cost effective and easy to use too. A vacuum method is the practice of taking oxygen out of half empty wine bottle using vacuum pump that are available for purchase in wine stores.

After drinking whatever amount of wine, simply place the one way valve stopper and using vacuum pump to take air out. Also there are types of vacuum pumps available which do take air out from bottle as well as work as cork or stoppers. They serve two purposes. Vacuum pumps are available in Nepalese market and the devices are reasonably well priced. Let’s hope from now on, we don’t need to worry about spoilage of our unfinished beloved wine. We believe, despite of many constraints, we have illustrated few simple solutions that can be applied at home with very little cost.

Those who are passionate of trying to drink different type of wine every day and need for preserving remaining wine as fresh as first glass drunk, it is best to use high tech method such as Coravin method. Finally, buy screw capped bottle wine so you could put cap back after drinking your desired amount. It is cost effective and easy way for preserving the wine for few days. Note: All Mark Davidson wine available in Nepal are screw capped and can stay fresh for next five days after opening the bottle. Look for the same bottle and give us a feedback. Drink for good health.

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