Water Is Invaluable Essay

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Water Is Invaluable

“Water is the driving force in nature.”

The importance and beauty of water in our body
There are many benefits water could offer to our body:
It can give us healthy skin

Our skin is always hungry for water and we must always provide it in order for it not to be looking dry, dull and no life.

Water has proven that it can remove lines on our skin because if you feed your skin with water, it now hydrated and if it is hydrated, the cells will be awakened and will look young and radiant. That is why people who’d rink plenty of water have a radiant and glowing skin. It even made them younger looking.

If you also want to correct your complexion, drink plenty of water. It will not change your complexion suddenly but it will make it even that will look even better.

Water could also brighten our eyes and can avoid us from looking tired and exhausted. A simple cold compression could decrease eye inflammation brought by fatigue, lack of sleep and eye strain due to work. Make it a habit that every night you must cold compress your eyes in order for you to look fresh and radiant all the time. It can help us achieve a healthy body

One reason that a person looks fat and heavy is mainly because of water retention brought by the foods they eat most especially salty and junk foods. Water accumulates in the certain parts of their body and would form a cellulite which is not good to look at. So, if you want to minimize cellulites and extra weight, avoid eating salty instead, drink plenty of water because you may still excrete it.

Soaking in a hot bath or having a hot shower could lead to a better and relaxing sleep as well because it relaxes our nerves and system that will lead to a good night’s sleep. Improves hair

Drinking enough water could improve dryness of the hair because it could add to the hair moisture. Due to too much pollution, dust and humidity, we cannot really avoid that we could get a dry and coarse hair. But with the help of water, our hair could still improve its shininess and texture. It could contribute to a better digestion

Drinking a lot of water could facilitate a good digestion which will lead to a normal bowel elimination. A normal bowel elimination considered to be healthy because you take out all the toxins and bad bacteria in our body.

Now, you have discovered the beauty and importance of water in our lives. Starting now, we should not take for granted water because it could really work wonders for us and could contribute to the total wellness of our body. It could really make a difference in our lives because it works beautifully.

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