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Water - The Most Important Natural Resource

Totalled 75% of the earth is composed of the highly used natural resource we know as water. Water IS the most important natural resource known as it relates to everything biologically living. Water is used for an immeasurable number of important things. It occupies the earth’s surface, as well as our bodies and blood. Without it, living beings would not be able to live. Water is essential in the lives of all flora and fauna on earth, and serves as a habitat for aquatic organisms.

Agriculture and the production of food and goods through farming also depend heavily on the use of water for successful growth of crops.

Water is undeniably the world’s most important natural resource. Every known form of life on earth, from the largest mammals to the smallest bacterium, relies on water. They’re almost fully composed of this molecule. Water in humans and animals is especially important as it is the main resource that helps their bodies to perform all its natural and crucial bodily functions.

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For example, It is extremely important for transporting oxygen through the body (the water transports the red blood cells containing oxygen throughout the body).

Without water aiding in such bodily functions, humans and animals would not be able to breathe or carry out other decisive functions which equals no life at all. Thus, Water is the most important natural resource. Other than being the most important and vital molecule in an organism’s life, water also serves as habitat, nourishment and cleanser to aquatic plants and fish in the ecosystem.

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It is not only a vital river for humans, but an essential filter for the impurities and pollution us humans leave behind including oil spills or gas leaks from boats.

Water is the most important natural resource. Water will always play an important role in the social and economic factors of agriculture. Farmers depend heavily on the use of water to nurture and grow their crops. Water helps create the best growing conditions for crops to grow. Ex. Soil conditions. Without this natural resource crops wouldn’t have the necessary conditions to help them grow which means economically farmers lose money and jobs while people and animals starve and die.

The water that we drink, swim, irrigate our crops with and depend on for our very survival is the same water that has been here since the very beginning of time. Therefore we should be concerned about how we use and protect this precious commodity. Water IS the most important natural resource.

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