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Water Billing System Essay

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Today, business and establishment shift from manual to computerization primarily because of the advantages growth by the use of computers. Through the advancement of the technology, the computers exist. Because of this, computers are great help of any form of establishment to make work more accurate and fast on retrieval storage of information. Water works systems is an integral part of the community. It handles volumes of data that needs processing for conversion into information. A person who takes part in the water service is usually termed “concessionaire”.

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Concessionaires piles a big chuck of the paper and records that has to be updated, retrieved, computed and billed. This task are relevant in the waterworks system. The evolution of technology applied in record processing allows dynamic and efficient management.

This is the reason why most offices took advantage in simplifying task especially perfecting computation. The Subayon Waterworks system located in Barangay Subayon started in the year 1992, 20th day of April, through the help of Municipal LGU and supported by the higher officials of Bohol. Presently, it is maintained by the Barangay Councilor and used the budget of the barangay for the maintenance of the WaterWorks. There are two type of levels in the household concessionaires namely Level 2 and Level 3: Level 2, which is communal type wherein the water meter is shared by two to three household. Level 3 uses direct connection to the Barangay Waterworks.

At present the Subayon WaterWorks has an estimated more than 250 household concessionaires composing of seven Puroks: namely Mabag, Bachao Sur, Pangihan, Bachao Norte, Kantomuwad, Kawari and Pondol. It has seven meter readers and seven Plumbers that are maintained by the Barangay Council. In every Purok there is a Barangay Council assigned to managing the maintenance and meter reading to be submitted to the treasurer of the Barangay. The Barangay has all the records of concessionaire and handles the payment of the concessionaire.

The manual processes involves redundant processes that may be eliminated to simplify the procedure. It also needs to improve their recording scheme to hasten the processing and eliminate if not reduce the occurrence of errors. The problems currently encountered by the Subayon WaterWorks include: location of available meter for connection, records of concessionaire has to be updated, computation bills needs to be standardize and accurate, there is no bill for every household that is distributed, misplaced records of concessionaire is likely to occur. The Computerize Water Billing System to be develop would answer all the limitation of the present manual system. It would increase accuracy and reliability of system by automating and incorporating formulas to computation to make transaction and computation accurate and faster. Records would be updated and manage efficiently. Reports will be generated on time, and content of reports shall embody Business Intelligence and Decision Support system.

A computerized water billing must be accurate in processing billing transaction more so, it ensures that the information of concessionaire are updated and managed accordingly. The study shall use the following theories and cite applications similar to the proposed system as basis of this study.

Transaction Processing Theory states that a transaction is a logical unit of database processing that includes one or more access operation. Transaction Processing is designed to maintain database integrity (Typically a Database) in a known, consistent state by ensuring that any operation caries out on the system that are independent are either all completed successfully or cancelled successfully. It allows multiple individual operation to be linked together automatically as a single indivisible transaction. It ensures that either all operation in a transaction are completed but errors occurred when the bothers are attempted. (Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant B. Navathe)

The principal of automation is concerned on the findings of efficient computational way to perform human task. Task can be physical, such as doing arithmetic, playing chess, and planning schedules. The Principle tries to emphasis that there is an efficient computational ways to perform human task behavioral acceptance test are used to maintain whether a developed system with human doing the task manually.

On the other hand, there are numbers of establishment implementing Computerized Water Billing System. Here are some examples: 1.Municipality of Carmen created an system that can manipulate data of the concessionaire, retrieving and recording to minimize the time and effort of the resident of Carmen. The name of the system called “Information Management and Billing System of Carmen, Davao del Norte”. The system help to kept and secured the record of the concessionaire. It covers the entire territorial jurisdiction for the municipality.

2.The City of Tampa billing system is set up in such a way that the majority of our customer’s receive an “average” bill one month then the next month an “actual” read bill.

3.Consumer’s information and billing system of Tagbilaran City Waterworks. The System keeps track of the present and previous consumers’ bill while billing transaction of the system updates each consumers record. The system promotes not only speed in time consuming jobs; it also aligns all the record of concessionaire.

We see in this system that we have the same process that can kept track of the present and previous consumer’s bill. We use this as our basis in making our system unique and can kept the record secured.

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