Water And Waste Management

Every human being on earth uses up to 350 liters of water per day. As water is an indispensable part of human beings, we need a system that produce or recycles clean and sufficient water. In Yozora, we have multiple methods for making water. Recycling is a foremost thing and is universally useful. Yozora recycles and disinfects the water from industries, greywater, blackwater, urine and sweat of human beings. So, the colony has to be self-reliable in producing water and it also should ensure the supply of water to its population.

Water production

Water on Yozora will be produced by the following methods Bosch reaction: The Bosch reaction will help us in producing water by using CO2, O2, and H2. Nickel catalyst will also be used to speed up the reaction. The chemical reaction is given below. CO2(g) + 2H2 C(s) + 2H2O (g) Sabatier reaction: This reaction involves hydrogen and carbon dioxide to produce water and methane at a very high temperature (300 ͦ to 400 ͦ).

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Nickel catalyst will also be used here. The reaction is given below CO2 + 4H2 CH4 + 2H2O Lunar water: water on the poles of moon could also be used for water on Yozora.

Supercritical Water Oxidation System (SCWO): SCWO could help us in recycling hazardous waste and non- hazardous water. This system could also break organic compounds in waste. SCWO could be classified as a green technology as they do not produce air pollution. This process takes place at elevated temperatures and pressures above the critical point of water.

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In common SCWO waste treatment system (given in the figure below), dilute aqueous waste is combined with oxidizer at high temperature and pressure in a reactor. At super critical conditions, the reactants comprise a homogenous-single phase mixture facilitating complete reaction. This system helps in destroying 99.99% wastes. These systems could even work better.

Common SCWO process flow diagram

Once the system clears all the waste, the reactor effluent is cooled down and depressurized. While being cooled down, they are separate d into gaseous and liquid streams. These systems will be very useful while treating highly toxic or radioactive wastes.

Ultraviolet water treatment

Water disinfection through UV water treatment is a chemical free process. Parasites such as cryptosporidia, which are not affected by chemical disinfectants are also killed by using ultraviolet water treatment. Chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine are also removed from the water using a process called photolysis. The energy from UV light passes through water. The energy will be absorbed by the organisms in the water and this energy disrupts the DNA of the organism. If DNA gets damaged, the organism will be dead and won’t be able to reproduce. Different amount of UVC energy is needed to kill different organisms in the water. Some of the values are given in the table below.

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