Water Essay Topics

Charcoal Poultice and Charcoal Drink as Treatment to Leg Ulcers

The use of charcoal as a simple remedy for different health problems is an ancient way of treating many common diseases that afflict humankind dates back in the time of Hippocrates who lived from 460 to 370 B. C. In the late 1800, Ellen G, White spearheaded the use of charcoal in the treatment of… View Article

How To Make A Cup Of Tea

Currently, drinking a tea is a habit. You can find everyone drinking a tea in their daily activities. The reason why everyone like drinking a tea is because tea can makes us relax and also the taste is good. You can also find the seller of a tea cup in any place such as in… View Article

Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation

a) Answer online Week 7 Forum Question: (2%) i. Research a few of the proposed changes to SMTP and DNS that are designed to reduce or eliminate SPAM. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is responsible solely for sending e-mail messages. In Linux/UNIX, the send mail program activates in response to a command and sends the… View Article

Research of Bottled Water

1.0 Introduction Water is one of the people basic needs. All people need water to survive and no one can live without it. So, they are willing to pay the money to purchase water. From the secondary data market research, most of the American consumers drink bottled water more than tap water because they feel… View Article

Steps in Hypothesis Testing

My research topic is a correlation study between quantity of water intake and number of sleeping hours for humans. I became interested in the topic when a friend of mine shared an interesting belief of his culture that drinking too much water can upset sleep. Although this is not the exact topic that I am… View Article

Water Crisis Selangor

First, Central Government has issued a directive to the SYABAS to undertake the upgrading of Pump House Wangsa Maju to reduce the risk of supply disruptions in the future. Even the construction of a new pump house from the State Government with a loan from the Federal Government is expected to be completed by 2015…. View Article

Reverse Osmosis for Wastewater Recycling

Reusing treated wastewater for beneficial purposes, such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes, toilet flushing, or groundwater basin replenishment, is growing in response to environmental and economic concerns. One of the key factors involved in recycling wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) effluent for another use is the need to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS). This… View Article

Chemistry Lab Experiment: The Flame Test

Flame test: AIM: To determine which part of the salt is responsible for the characteristics in the flame. HYPOTHESIS: If we introduce a metal salt in the blue flame of the Bunsen burner, then the colour given off by the flame is due to the metal part of the salt. METHOD: (1)With a heat proof… View Article

Providing Fresh Water to Arid Regions in the World

An investigation on the feasibility of different techniques for providing fresh water to arid regions in the world. Located in a semi-arid zone, South Africa is one of the thirty driest countries in the world with limited water resources, which are unevenly distributed. In this country, five million people of the population have no access… View Article

Mans Impact on the Everglades

Man has never been content to leave the natural preserved in the state in which it was discovered. Likewise, the Everglades ecosystem has been bombarded by this pressure as man seeks to “redesign” the environment to suit the needs of the ever encroaching human population. This has brought about profound changes in this system and… View Article

Cause and Effects of Water Pollution

Water Quality is very much in the news these days and it is also a growing public concern. Water is one of the most important resources on the planet and affects nearly every aspect of life. The Great Lakes watershed contains a large percentage of the world’s fresh surface water. The Lakes support the water… View Article

Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Biological Cotton

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Firstly, let’s ask ourselves a few questions. How is my life now? Am I used to the air pollution or the unhealthy food? Only if you feel a little unsatisfied with your life quality, you may benefit from my today’s topic: LOHAS. It is very popular in the west. Now,… View Article

Declining Portable Water

“Water of life”. This is a famous Christianity word that reflects how important water is to our life. As we know, most drinkable water comes from the river, thus making river the main sources of potable water. However global warming is getting more and more serious nowadays causing a global rise in temperature and melt… View Article

Detergents Case

A detergent is a surfactant or a mixture of surfactants with “cleaning properties in dilute solutions.”[1] These substances are usually alkylbenzenesulfonates, a family of compounds that are similar to soap but are more soluble in hard water, because the polar sulfonate (of detergents) is less likely than the polar carboxyl (of soap) to bind to… View Article

International Journal of Water Resources Development

This paper investigates the use of inland waterways on three continents-Asia, Europe, and North America with an in-depth focus on the transportation of agricultural, industrial and energy products. It is found that there are great variations on the use of inland waterways in their importance from one country to another. This variation in use of… View Article

Metal Lab

Data Analysis: 1. What was the temperature change for the water in the calorimeter (ΔTwater)? 3°C 2. What was the temperature change for the metal sample (ΔTmetal)? Assume the intial temperature of the metal was the same as the temperature of the water it was boiled in. 70°C 3. What was the specific heat of… View Article

Molarity and Percent Solution Lab

Objective: The objective of this lab was to determine the molarity and percent solution of a solution with an unknown concentration. Background: Molarity is the number of moles of a solute per liter of a solution. Percent solution is the percentage of a solute in a specific mass or volume of a solvent. A solute… View Article

Causes of Water Pollution

Nowadays, water pollution is a big problem in Vietnam and many researchers have been studying it. Accordingly, there are two main reasons of water pollution in Vietnam. The weakness in industrial wastewater management is the main cause of water pollution in Vietnam. Many industrial facilities use freshwater to carry away waste from their plants into… View Article

Percentage Composition by Mass of Magnesium Oxide

Percentage composition by mass of magnesium oxide – Report Objective: To measure and calculate the ratio of magnesium to oxygen in magnesium oxide. To compare the lab ratio to the percent composition calculation based on the formula. Hypothesis: Based on the law of definite proportions, the percentage composition of magnesium oxide should be around 60%… View Article

The American West and Its Disappearing Water

The author outlined the geography of the semi-arid region of the West. According to him, although the West have rivers and large basins of water, the erratic nature of the landscape as well as the orientation of water flows cannot sustain large numbers of people. The convex nature of the river system allows only a… View Article

Ethics of Hydraulic Fracturing

Large gas companies have been wreaking havoc on Midwestern United States. These companies’ practices of hydraulic fracturing have been very detrimental to the local populace. Hydraulic fracturing has been known to damage the environment through earthquakes and gas spills. In addition, it has been said that these companies have certain law exemptions that only they… View Article

Water: the source of life

Water is an indefinable element. It can be destructible and wipe out the strongest forces in the world while it was also the beginning of life. It gives a lot but it can take back more than that. Water is one of the four elements of nature. It’s represented in the liquid form while earth… View Article

Water Conservation

Will there be enough water for a more crowded world? The adult human uses on average about 100 gallons of water a day. Only about 2.5% of earth’s water is fresh and only 1% is actually attainable for usage. The available water on earth has not changed. The same water we have today has been… View Article

We Cannot Live in It Can We Live Without It

Water is very important to us. Period. We will die without it, but unfortunately we also can not live with too much water. Our bodies are not designed to handle too much water. Our infrastructures also can not withhold massive amounts of water. Therefore we hope things like tsunamis, or hurricanes or typhoon or heavy… View Article

A Coral Competition at the Port Dickson Beach

Last Summer Holiday was a splendid day to go to the beach, it was a hot sunny day. That afternoon while me and my sister were having ice-cream under a tall tree. Out of the blue, my father pop out in front of me holding a newspaper which gave me a big fright! My father… View Article

Water Scarcity in Kenya

What is water scarcity? Water Scarcity can be defined as the lack of access to freshwater to adequate quantities of water for human and or environmental uses. The scarcity of water in Africa has been a severe issue for decades. With over thirty six million people in their population and continuously growing, the scarcity of… View Article

Major Pollutant: Ammonia

Ammonia is one of the most widely produced chemicals in the United States. In pure form, it is known as anhydrous ammonia. Ammonia has the formula NH3 which is a compound of hydrogen and nitrogen. Ammonia is also produced in the human body and is commonly found in nature. It is essential in the body… View Article

Bisleri and Aquafina

1. INTRODUCTION The tradition of bottled water and mineral water is not very old. Even in western countries the practice of bottled drinking water started in 1950s. The trend of having mineral water gained grounds in the market. Now around 100 companies sell an estimated 424 million liters of bottled water valued at around Rs…. View Article

Bottled Water

The trend of carrying and consuming water bottles has expenditly increased in recent years, and its popularity has hit an alltime peak. More and more people are using bottled water because of its easy assecability, and its conveince. Unaware to most, the useage of bottled water has dire effects on the environment, and itself can… View Article