Watching Tv Has an Adverse Effect on Children

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My knowledgeable friend has submitted that TV viewing is harmful for children. I submit that it is all the more important to impress upon the impressionable minds of the children basic teachings which would help them a lot. TV viewing does harm the eyesight but only in a wrong way. I disagree as, if TV is viewed at a proper distance and in sufficient light, it has no adverse effect on the eyesight. After all, reading bad books is also harmful.

Should then reading be banished? I feel strongly that only through TV viewing can we mould the impressionable minds of children and build both their character and conduct.

I should like to draw the attention to the fact that TV viewing does not, at all, disturb the homework. On the contrary, TV viewing helps the growth of mental faculties and reasoning power of the children. I strongly support the view that by TV viewing they can have a sound grasp of the subject.

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With this, doing homework is and will not be difficult. When it is done in time and with a sense of preparedness, the fear will automatically be nipped in the bud. Is strongly support the view, therefore, that TV viewing is not at all harmful for children.

My knowledge opponent has submitted that TV viewing widens the gap between dreams (of films, serials, chitrahaars etc.) and reality of life. My argument is this that it, again, depends on how one sees TV programmes. They are for entertainment as reading stories and fairy tales is.

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We should not view them from that angle, but should see them just as dreams. Only then shall we be able to derive maximum pleasure out of them. I disagree with my worthy friend in saying that we are giving the children a healthy environment of entertainment, knowledge, learning and freethinking. In it, a child can grow independently. In that way, his latent faculties can be developed.

I feel strongly that TV viewing is a wholesome educative entertainment. It widens the faculties of understanding, fellow feelings and mutual love and cooperation. My point of argument is simply this that violence is not every time ‘played’ on TV. There are many socially useful programmes on TV, which deepen and widen the right perspectives of human behavior.

Hence, I wholeheartedly oppose the view that violence is the main characteristic of TV viewing and leads the children astray. It, in fact, depends more on the environment available at home, and not due to TV programmes, that is instrumental in leading the young children astray. On the contrary, good programmes open the area of human understanding. They result in leaving a sound effect on the young minds. It is in this context that sports enthuse in them team spirit, a sense of fellow-feeling and mutual cooperation.

I, therefore, wholeheartedly support the view that TV viewing is not, at all, harmful.

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Watching Tv Has an Adverse Effect on Children

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