Watching TV Essay

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Watching TV

I do not believe that the TV should be the center of the modern home for family interaction.  Watching TV is a passive event and its true entrainment value is questionable.  More and more the PC and the internet are becoming the prime media for entertainment and less time is spent watching TV by adults and children.  Too much of either is not healthy for young children and teenagers.

The McKinsey Quarterly review has researched the time children of all ages spend watching TV and have concluded that over the past twenty-five years children’s lifestyle have become much more sedentary because of TV and now the internet and video games.  They have discovered that children spend an average of nearly six-and-half hours a day watching TV, playing video games and using other types of media. (1). This has two deleterious affects on children: They are not getting enough exercise and they are being exposed to numerous advertisements pushing unhealthy fast foods as being good to eat.

I believe the dining area should be the center of the modern home.  Dinnertime is a time for the family to get together and discuss how each other’s day went.  It is important for children to spend some quality time each day with their parents to tell them how school is going, what problems they are experiencing and what advice they need.  The dining area is the perfect venue to discuss these issues.  It is also a time for the family to be together without any outside interruptions.

TV is a great distraction that makes it almost impossible to discuss family problems and issues.  This should be done in a quiet setting such as the dining table so everyone’s attention is focused on each family member’s issues, problems or ideas.  This time spent with the family in an intimate setting such as the dining table serves to strengthen the family’s values and respect for each other.

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