Watching Movies at Home V.S the Theatre

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Watching movies definitely plays a big role in many people's lives throughout the world.

The new sequel to a movie just came out at the theatre. People often have a hard time deciding whether or not to go see it at the theatre, or wait and watch it at home when it comes out. Most movie lovers don't want to miss out on the chance to be the first to go see it.

Therefore, one similarity is that it's always going to cost money either way.

Nothing is ever free. If going to the theatre, buying the tickets is the first thing to do in order to go watch it. While watching movies at home, people have to go to the store and rent or buy the movie. People may often want snacks when they watch movies. While sitting through movies people won't have to worry about being hungry when sitting through a one to two hour movie, at home we all have our favorite snacks needed.

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At the theatre people only have a limited amount of snacks they could choose from that is provided there. Most theatres have other choices like nachos, sandwiches, and sometimes they even have pretzels.

We're watching a movie anyways so there's no need to fret about anything. Whether its movies at home, or at the theatre people will still be satisfied with just about anything. Everyone often goes to watch movies with families or friends.

Though going to the movies is fun, there are so many disadvantages.

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There is absolutely no privacy at all and we're in a room full of strangers who are super loud throughout every second of it. Rather than being at home in a better environment with close family and friends. When going to the movies everyone is required to be quiet and keep their phones off till the end of the movie. At home you can pause the movie whenever needed to get up and do something like get more food, or use the bathroom for example. When someone needs to use the restroom at the theatre there may be a long line of people waiting, then they have to wait for a long time as well. Therefore watching movies at the theatre is okay people have to be aware of their environments.

Theatre movies V.S movies at home is one of the most popular things done by most people around the world. The benefits of watching a movie at home, is that it's more relaxing and comforting around the people we know. As stated by Joydoulos, "being able to watch movies at home your able to interact a lot more time with family and the environment is way quieter than in the theatre"( Joydoulous). Each movie has there own story of course and people may not understand what is happening. Therefore, if whenever we needed missed something important that happened or didn't understand what's going on. We're able to pause the movie with a simple press of a button.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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