Watching Movies at Home or at The Cinema

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Naturally, humans always like to amuse themselves whenever they get bored, but the way of amusement differ from one time to another. Nowadays movies have become one of the major way of entertainment especially for families and friends. For me movies are bigger than that, in fact they inspire us and can really touch our feelings, also they can redefine our way of thinking. However, when watching a movie at home is it like watching the same movie but in the movie theater.

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We always seek for the best and now I started to wonder which one is the best when watching a movie, TV which is at home or the nice and big screen in the cinema.

Although they bear some superficial similarities, the differences between watching a movie at home and watching a move at the theater are clear. If the best was watching the movie at home, would it be the right choice despite the big screen of the movie theater. Actually watching a movie at home do have many things that cinema do not have. For example, when we watch a movie at home we totally have 100% privacy, so that we can discuss things we like or did not understand while watching the movie, also we can wear any cloths that make us comfortable such as pajamas or frumpy cloths.

In addition to that, we are not subject to any rules or guidance that we should obey or follow, basically we have the right to do anything we want such as pause the movie for a while, rewind to play something we liked again or even forward the movie so we can skip any part in the movie we did not like.

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On the other hand, watching a movie at home could be somehow disturbing, especially from the family members, as a result we cannot enjoy the movie in a nice and quiet atmosphere. Moreover there are always something going on at home, we really cannot expect what will happened during watching a movie so that could destroy our sense of excitement or even ruin the movie. If we choose to watch the movie at the cinema, it is true we will not have the privacy, nevertheless we will feel the hanger to watch the movie while we are surrounded by other people who also came to sheer us that feeling. Cinemas always have higher quality than homes because they have bigger screen and better and suitable voice quality for everyone. Also movie theater provide nice and comfortable cheers so we can enjoy watching the movie while we are relaxing in comfortable seats.

Furthermore, we will have the quiet and nighty atmosphere and we won’t be worrying about disturbing from others while we are watching. In fact when we grab our family or our friends to watch a movie at the cinema, this could be a good and memorable experience. However cinemas do have some disadvantages such as going to the cinema could be more expensive than watching the movie at home, we may not like to sit next to stringers and even we maybe have to be aware of them. Also we have to follow the rules, sit appropriately and one of the rules of the cinema is that we are prohibited to scream or loudly laugh so we have to be quiet , all those things could be a little bet annoying. In my opinion, watching a movie is always excitement despite the place we watch the movie in. actually, it is one way for us to know and understand other cultures. But as a matter of fact I would like to experience watching a movie in a cinema while hanging out with my friends. So the real question is, where do you prefer to watch a movie at home or at the cinema? The decision is to be made by you. For instance when the decision is made just do not hesitate and hope it will be the best choice for you.

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Watching Movies at Home or at The Cinema

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