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20th century is considered to be the age of science and technology for the invention of a multitude of
electronic devices and computers stands at the top of all. Then astronomers launched their hallmark
piece of digital technology, internet, which changed the course of life on planet earth within a decade.
Life amazingly started shifting from the traditional physical space to modern virtual space with such a
fast speed as if the whole humanity was awaiting it or the launch of internet was prescribed in their holy
literature. The world became the successful victim of the digital revolution and computers etc. became
the essential part of life not less than the basic needs of living.

Realizing this general addiction of technology, scientists paved the way towards shifting modes
of entertainment and information through internet and computers. Now humanity can enjoy
entertainment via internet. An exhaustive list of online movies and channels is available for the
entertainment seekers for free. Now TV enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite TV channels with live
streaming on their computers.

Earlier these guys had to rely on TVs to have fun of broadcasted
programs which had a specific timeslot. This might have troubled if there are multiple viewers who
could have a fight over difference of preferences. But the have made their lives easy and you may watch TV without any such confrontation.

All you need to have a good internet connection, a computer and an online tv player for the whole
fun. You just go to your favorite channel, click the favorite program and your entertainment adventure
is playing through the live streaming.

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There are frequent cases when you are encountered with some
time issue in life that causes you to miss the program with a particular airtime. It breaks the momentum
and interest of the whole series of your favorite program. But online tv channels offer you to watch
the missed episodes and get on the track quite easily. Also you can remove the geographical hurdles of
watching home town tv channels through online access anywhere in the world because the world of
virtual space knows no boundaries. Hence a Persian channel can be viewed living or working in America
easily which eventually reduces the level of homesickness considerably.

It is the online tv channels that has added value in entertainment life of humans in this time of
dire economic crisis which demands us to work like machines and be treated like animals as we can
watch online on PCs while working simultaneously. Even if we are travelling we can access these
entertainment pills on our laptops etc. through the ever availability of internet in public places. The
wording boring seems very strange in this age of information technology when you can entertain
yourself with favorite programs in long waits and journeys due to online TVs.

Internet gives you connectivity and you can access even those tv channels for entertainment which
are not broadcasted on TVs. As is the case of Iran where most of English channels are not legal to
watch on tv but are of greater interest that Iranians cannot simply resist to miss. On the other hand
Iranians are conservative in matters of learning English language so they are always looking for their
Persian channels which is possible through .

Conclusively online tv channels are improving our entertainment quotient in life and the humanity
is efficiently going through the transition of global awareness through cultural depiction of online tv

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