Waste Management Corporation Limited Wamco

Waste Management Corporation Limited (Wamco) was originally formed in 2009 and later rehabilitated in September 2015 with an authorization to provide feasible waste management quick fix all over the country.

Besides January 1st, 2016, the corporation formally started operations by taking over the waste management function for the Male’ zone. This includes all the daily waste removal of waste from male’ to Thilafushi, Villi Male’ and the disposal of waste at Thilafushi landfill area.


To be a leader in delivering new waste management solutions,


To provide an integrated system and expand value by accurately and effectively managing the country’s waste resource in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible presence.

Board Members

  • Mohamed Ibrahim Manik
  • Musthafa Mohamed
  • Fathmath Asiya


  • Adam Mohamed
  • Company secretary
  • Mariyam Najwa


Service development

Build a state of art efficiency to deliver collection, transfer and disposal operation.

Corporate capacity development

Enhance the institution by achieving the skills, proficiency and cultivate the system.

Economic viability

Sustainability of the operations by promoting new business ventures and operational efficiency.

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Stake Holder Engagement

Partner and corporate in educating and communicating the role and responsibilities.


  • · Integrated and comprehensive approach
  • · Extensive approach to waste reduction for reuse and recycles


  • · To become a proactive, progressive environmental leader
  • · Provide reachable and efficient services


  • · To reduce the regional solid waste stream by following with the ranking of waste management.
  • · Outlook waste as a resource.


It is process of an individual person organize the clarify their visual impressions in order identify their environment.

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Factors influencing perception

The link between perception and decision making

For individual organization make decision and they make choice from among two or more alternatives. They determine the organizational goals, as they need to offer their products or service while positioning new managers to locate new manufacturing plant. Middle and lower level managers will determine production schedule, how they are going to manage the pay raise of the new employees, and how to be allocated. Decision making occurs a reaction to create problems. Because there is a variation between some current status and some desired state, requiring the deliberation the alternative course of action.

Factors influencing perception

  • Internal factor include personality
  • External factor include experience


  • Personality is the most important factors which influence the perception of an individual.
  • Research on the effects of individual personally on perception expose many facts;
  • Person who have courage or faith in their individuality realize thing favorably
  • Person who realize themselves like what they want and accepting others.


Experience and knowledge are unbroken bearing on perception. A good and successful experience leads to boost perceptive ability and lead efficiency in perception of a people to help achieve future success.

External factors

External factors may influence perceptions of a person and it effected by the persons character. external factor also includes:

  •  Size
  •  Intensity
  •  Frequency
  •  Contrast
  •  Status

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory

These are the basic needs of Maslow’s hierarchical theory

  • · Psychological
  • · Safety
  • · Social
  • · Esteem
  • · Self-Actualizations


  • · needs include
  • · Air
  • · food
  • · water
  • · sleep
  • · shelter
  • · mention list is the basic need for psychological and every person needs to be satisfied. If any are not, they feel highly displeased.


· Safety includes things like employment agreement. If a company has an agreement between them and the employees, they cannot fire any individuals without prior notice.

· example: if the company provided good health insurance for its employees in the future days to come, it would be easier for the employees to stay healthy and satisfied with their employer and what they do. We could all work hard together in unity to create a better perception of safety in our work environments.


  • · can conduct staff night event
  • · department get together
  • · All the staff meeting
  • · Pic nick trips
  • · Special day celebration like birthday celebrations
  • · Staff training

moreover, it will be pleasing if a staff appreciation day is acknowledged, so that the demotivated staff will also be reignited with excitement and a new sense of unity. A day like this could help realign their perception of a safe work environment.


  • · High level of self-esteem employ will trust the judgment and thinking of them to make a better decision
  • · Enables to create more effective relationships and their skills while working the environment.
  • · Quality can effectively contribute to find a better way to manage the work.
  • · the collective perspective of the employees can differ between individuals.

But a way to enhance it is the Company can find new ways to boost the self-esteem of the employees like organizing a family day, mothers can carry their child to work environment while working and conducting training and specific workshop.

Self- Actualization

Being truly self-actualized is studied the exception rather than the rule since most people are working to meet more critical needs.

  • · Self-actualization includes gaining high status, making new friends and finding mates.
  • · What people believe they’re capable of and how they can show the perception of others to be motivated at the workplace.
  • · Self-Actualization of satisfying or gaining trust from others. As it will help to inspire another person to be more active and perspective.

· to Maslow’s self-actualization remains a popular notion in academic research as well as popular culture. The notion that life’s highest calling is fulfilling one’s unique potential has been widely engaging. But what do people believe they are doing when they pursue the realization of their full, unique potentials? Here, we examine lay perceptions of self-actualization. Self-actualizing, like any drive, is unlikely to operate without view to biological and social costs and benefits.

· fundamental motives potentially fur-the red by self-actualizing are different for different people; concordant with life-history theory, the drive to self-actualize may promote the pursuit of life-stage- relevant fundamental motives. As widely discussed as self-actualization may be both within the outside of the academy there remains some confusion about what exactly people perceive self-actualization to involve.

·Are unaware of existing empirical work examining lay perceptions of self-actualization.

· The first goal of the present work is to examine these lay perceptions. A second goal is to explore whether people view their self-actualization as being linked to the result that a modern evolutionary way would consider functional motives. Self-actualizing feedback. We asked participants to write down what the term “self-actualization” meant to them, in their own words. Then we noted that, in psychology, the term “self-actualization” has been used to mean “realizing fully your ability.

· If all these [physiological, safety, and social] obligations are satisfied, we may still often (if not always) expect that a new and restlessness will soon develop, unless the individual is doing what he is fitted for. A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to be happy.

· Different frequent challenges would often have required different kinds of solutions, main humans to establish multiple distinct motivational systems, each tailored to manage these kinds of recurrent challenges.

Line with Maslow’s (1943) new functional approach, recent theory, and research support the presumptions of (a) multiple independent motivational systems, that (b) are hierarchical in nature, such that some motives take emotional priority over others, and that (c) the motives an individual prioritizes shift throughout the life span.

Although it might implement depending on different behavioral activities, like fundamental, self-protection, disease avoidance, affiliation and kin care. Those motive reflection will be there when person have confidence on what they do to gain trust from their managers and high level of people work in the organization. Self-actualization could help person to be motivated to achieve their future goals. Potential or idealistic would lead a person to improve genuine and build self-confidence. They can help others to become more productive or they can well train people. This could be an advantage of self-actualization. The fundamental motives futhered by self-actualizing are different for different peo-ple; concordant with life history theory, the drive to self-actualize may promote the pursuit of life-stage- relevant fundamental motiThe fundamental motives potentially fur-the red by self-actualizing are different for different people; concordant with life history theory, the drive to self-actualize may promote the pursuit of life-stage- relevant fundamental motives.

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