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Waste Management And Remedial Measures Environmental Sciences Essay

Waste is being generated by the world from the get downing itself like that of the animate beings they hunted for, castanetss, wood from trees etc..Its merely that as the clip passed, the composing and the sum of waste generated has shown a drastic alteration. The advancement of civilisation resulted in the coevals of more complex nature of waste. The increasing industrialization and consumerism from the nineteenth century resulted in pollution of Earth by the burgeoning coevals of non-biodegradable waste.

The increasing population, so increasing demands, so increasing industrialization is the rhythm which is continuously adding to the non-biodegradable waste in the environment.

Categorization of waste:

Harmonizing to the beginning of coevals, the solid waste can sort as:

Household waste or the municipal waste

Industrial waste or the risky waste

Biomedical waste or the infective waste

Municipal waste- The municipal waste includes the family waste, building dust and waste from the streets. The municipal solid waste generated has grown from 6million metric tons ( in 1947 ) to 48 million metric tons ( in 1997 ) ! Shockingly, more than 1/4th of this waste is non collected at all and more than half of the metropoliss in India do non hold the equal capacity to transport it and besides many available landfills are non managed good and are besides non inclined to safeguard the dirt and groundwater from taint.

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Besides, some of the family waste can be risky like old batteries, pigment Sns, old medical specialties, etc.

A tabular array demoing the clip taken by the waste to break up:

Type of waste

Time taken to break up ( approx.

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Organic waste ( Fruits, veggies, etc. )

1-2 hebdomads


10-30 yearss


10-15 old ages

Woolen points

1 twelvemonth

Metallic elements ( aluminum, Sn, etc. )

100-500 old ages

Plastic bags

10,00,000 old ages!

Glass bottles

Not yet determined!

Industrial waste- The industrial waste can be said to be risky since it can really frequently contain toxic substances. Such waste can be extremely inflammable or explosive and can besides respond on exposure to certain things. Around 7 million metric tons of risky waste is generated in India chiefly in the metropoliss ; Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The waste generated by industries is chiefly metals, chemicals, paper, pesticides, dyes, etc.

Hospital waste- It refers to the waste generated during the diagnosing, intervention of human-beings or animate beings or that generated during the research activities undertaken in the field. This type of waste can be extremely infective and can ensue in serious amendss to mankind if non managed decently in a scientific mode.

Such waste can be soiled waste, anatomical waste, sharps, chemical waste, discarded medical specialties, etc.

The authorities has enforced Bio-medical Waste ( Management and Handling ) Rules,1998 for doing the medical establishments to manage the waste decently.

Sing the undertaking:

Though the educational institutes do non burthen the environment with waste as compared to the waste generated by other administrations, still they generate a important sum of waste which can go hard to pull off without any expertness in the field. In fact, such waste can go even harmful if non handled decently. So, attending demands to be paid towards this and therefore we are set abouting this research undertaking to happen out the system of pull offing solid waste in SVC, to happen the loopholes, jobs or inefficiencies in the procedures ( if any ) and to seek to supply remedial solutions to such constrictions.

One of the chief thought which seems evident and emphasises the importance of this undertaking is that the educational institutes seem to be bring forthing waste chiefly which is biodegradable in nature. Biodegradable waste is the waste which is of works or animate being or natural beginning and can be broken down into simple compounds by micro-organisms. It can be decomposed by the micro-organisms finally. So it gets back into nature unlike the non-biodegradable waste which stays in the environment for an indefinite period of clip ( like plastic ) .


Data Collection

Primary Beginnings

Secondary Beginnings

Student interviews

Personal observations

Campus decision maker ‘s interview

We will be trusting chiefly on secondary beginning of informations for this undertaking since this beginning is likely to supply us a really precise and accurate information salvaging our clip and cost of roll uping primary first-hand information. We will besides be detecting the patterns in the campus for some first-hand information and forms on waste coevals and we will besides interview a sample of pupils from the campus to garner primary informations.

Our beginning of secondary information is Mr. AT Sutar, Campus Administrator of SVC.

So we will roll up information from Mr. AT Sutar through a personal interview and so roll up informations and analyze it to make a specific decision about the province of waste direction in the campus.

Some of the inquiries posed to Mr. AT Sutar in the interview were:

Q- What is the country of land occupied by the campus?

Q- What sort of waste is generated in the campus?

Q- How does the waste generated from different colleges differ in composing and volume?

Q- What is the process of aggregation of waste?

Q- How is the waste stored before it goes for its concluding intervention?

Q- How is the waste disposed off finally?

Q- Is there any waste which you think can be controlled?

Q- Is at that place any job soon being faced in waste direction?

Some of import inquiries that we asked to the pupils were:

Q- What is the waste that you throw in the college ashcans?

Q- Is the waste generated by you constant or varies over clip periods?

Q- Are at that place any specific factors which you think consequences in unneeded addition in waste coevals in SVC?

Q- What would be your positions if the colleges take a determination to censor or curtail the usage of non-biodegradable substances like polybags and thermocol in the campus ( SVC ) ?


By the interview with Mr. AT Sutar & A ; the pupils and our observation, we found the undermentioned information about the waste generated and its direction process in SVC:

Type of waste generated:

Bing an educational institute, the chief type of waste generated is stationery which includes documents, pens, pencils etc. The measure of such waste is the highest from Symbiosis Institute of Design ( which is around 7-10 times the waste generated by any other institute ) due to the nature of the topics taught.

Food waste is besides generated in a important measure from the campus ‘ cafeteria, juice Centre and muss.

Further, the campus ‘ medical Centre generates bio-medical waste which requires particular intervention due to its harmful nature. Since the advanced medical interventions are non performed here, the bio-medical waste ‘s composing is limited to sharps, patchs etc. which is comparatively east to manage vis-a-vis the waste of other medical establishments like infirmaries.

But the sum of sharps and related waste besides increases enormously during the wellness check-up of the pupils at the campus which requires attending.

Other waste includes plastic, thermocole, glass, Sn and besides the ornament stuff and allied waste which is observed during the establishments ‘ fests and extra-curricular activities and competitions.

Our interviews with the pupils revealed the undermentioned extra information:

While eating in the muss, pupils ab initio take a good sum of nutrient in their home bases and sometimes a batch of this goes waste when they do non wish its gustatory sensation or when they become full. This consequences in nutrient wastage.

Students besides said the ground for addition in non-biodegradable waste in campus during college fests can be due to the usage of ornament stuffs like thermacole and upon oppugning whether they would be able to replace them with the biodegradable substances, their answer was in positive which implies that there was non-awareness among them about the issue and they can be able to cut down non-biodegradable during fests if motivated to make so.


Beginnings of waste coevals


Eating mercantile establishments

Medical Centre

Other general waste







Juice Centres

Stationery, glass, Sn, thermacole etc.

Food waste like fresh nutrient, leftover nutrient, spoiled fruits and veggies etc.

Sharps, bandages etc.

Campus cleansing, Xerox centre waste

Type of waste generated


Waste Collection:

The waste is collected through 3 large ashcans kept at each floor of every establishment in the campus.

The cleansing staff has the duty of segregating the waste after it is collected in the ashcans.

Then this waste is accumulated in the cellar after segregation for directing it to its topographic point of disposal or intervention.

Waste Treatment:

The biodegradable waste like nutrient waste is sent to the biogas works and the other waste which can non be treated by the campus is sent with the PMC waste disposal truck which takes a unit of ammunition in Viman Nagar daily.

The biogas works was established in the campus in 2005 with a cost of around 10 hundred thousand and is presently being operated by 3 specializer employees.

The capacity of the biogas works is much more than is being utilized and the energy generated by the works is being utilised for boiling the H2O which in bend is used for cleaning the utensils of the college ‘s muss and cafeteria.

The force per unit area generated of the biogas is really less which further creates less power/electricity. This implies that the biogas works in the campus is being underutilised.

Problems identified:

The jobs identified by us are:

Excessive wastage of nutrient by the pupils.

Significant addition in the coevals of non-biodegradable waste during college fests & A ; extra-curricular activities.

Underutilisation of biogas works ‘s capacity.

We besides did n’t acknowledge any recycling activity in the campus.


The wastage of nutrient by the pupils can be reduced by bring oning them to take nutrient in small sums and to take it once more if they want instead than seting it wholly in one spell in their home bases.

Posters can besides be put up sing this in the college ‘s muss so that the pupils are reminded of it every clip they are seting nutrient in their home bases.

During the college fests, pupils can be encouraged to cut down the usage of non-biodegradable substances every bit far as possible.

Other substances like polybags and thermacole can be banned in the campus and mulcts can be imposed on any pupil found utilizing them to purely deter their usage.

Besides, the biogas works in the campus is being underutilised to a great extent. The works gets input ( biodegradable waste ) to its full capacity on occasion during the college fests when the sum of waste generated is 3-4 times the waste generated during the normal college yearss. So the works has an idle capacity of about half its full capacity during the maximal period of the twelvemonth.

Further, we feel that the investing made in the works is non giving sufficient returns as the sum of power being generated is really less seemingly due to the low capacity use of the works.

So, for undertaking this issue, it is required that the works is made to run on its full capacity. Now this can non be done by inquiring pupils to unnecessarily bring forth more waste within the campus but it can be solved by binding up with PMC and acquiring the required biodegradable waste from the PMC refuse truck which farther reduces PMC ‘s waste processing burden excessively.

Once the biogas works starts runing on its full capacity, it will ensue in the coevals of more power which can farther be used in the college and salvage financess on electricity measures.

Further, to promote recycling in the campus, pupils can be induced to organize up nines for the intent of taking up the recycling activity ( even if it ‘s on a little graduated table ) and exciting their creativeness to bring forth the best creative activities out of the waste.

Besides, the three R ‘s political orientation can be of great aid in steering the waste direction in SVC.




Improvement in waste direction

Sum of waste generated

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