Waste Management and Milestone Submission Essay

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Waste Management and Milestone Submission


The final project for this course is the creation of a Case Analysis. In 2006, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brought charges against Waste Management and some of its executives. You must research these charges and answer the questions below. Review the SEC Release 1532 here. In a well-structured analysis, you will answer a set of questions regarding the case against Waste Management. Begin your research in Module Eight. Use any additional resources presented and the Waste Management financial statements and reports as needed. The Analytical Procedures Worksheet and the ICF-CX16 Vulnerability Worksheet are located in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course. The project is divided in to three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Eight, Nine, and Ten.


To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to apply what you have learned in this course and should include several of the following course objectives:

1. Review, detect, and investigate possible financial statement fraud 2. Use various techniques to identify financial statement fraud 3. Explore substantive analytical procedures

Main Elements


1. When did the SEC file charges against some senior executives of Waste Management?
2. Who was charged relevant to the above?
3. What were the charges?
4. What is a “disgorgement of ill-gotten gains”?


1. What were some of the “improper accounting practices” used by Waste Management? Please be specific as to what Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP) was violated. 2. What impact did the fraudulent behavior identified above have on the published financial statements? Please be specific. 3. What non-accounting fraudulent things did Waste Management do? 4. What was the motivation for the executives to commit fraud? 5. Identify the executives and other employees of Waste Management who were charged in the fraud, and identify the punishment for both the employees and Waste Management. 6. What did the company have to do to correct the issuance of the incorrect financial information, and what was the quantifiable effect of Waste Management’s practices on the pre-tax income/loss?


1. What were the red flags that should have been observed but were not? Please be specific and state how they could have been used by an investor/creditor to help identify the fraud. 2. Identify processes and techniques that could have been applicable to detect the fraud.

Write a five- to seven-page, well-researched, and well-written response to the questions. Cite all sources using APA format.


Milestone One: Background
In Evaluate 8.2 you will submit a draft if the Background section of your Final Case Analysis. This milestone is not graded. You will receive formative feedback from the instructor to be used to make revisions. This submission will affect Final Product grade under “Milestone submission…”

Milestone Two: Rough Draft

In Evaluate 9.2 you will submit a rough draft of your Final Case Analysis. This milestone is not graded. You will receive formative feedback from the instructor to be used to make revisions. This submission will affect Final Product grade under “Milestone submission…”

Milestone Three: Final Case Analysis

In Evaluate 10.2 you will submit the Final Case Analysis. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the main elements of the final product. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course. This milestone will be graded using the Final Product Rubric. Final Case Analysis Rubric

Requirements of submission: Written components of projects must follow these formatting guidelines when applicable: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations. The Final Analysis should be 5 to 8 pages in length. Failure to adhere to these requirements of submission will result in the paper not being graded. Instructor Feedback: Students can find their feedback in the grade book as an attachment.

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