Waste Essay Topics

The Introductory Part Of The Study

This chapter presents the introductory part of the study. It contains the background information of the study, statement of the problem, significance of the study the scope and limitation of the study, operational definition of terms, and conceptual frame work of the study. Plastic waste is one of the major components in solid waste, and… View Article

Food waste

Fresh vegetables, ready-to-cook meals, and cheap meat is what a modern consumer’s supposed grocery list comprises of! Dump it all into your fridge full of deals, discount offers and feel happy. This is how the shop keeper gets a loyal customer. At the end o the story, it’s the food industry’s creed that the customer… View Article

Food Waste

Being Aware is a Personal Responsibility So is the problem food waste itself, or that food is being thrown out when there are alternative options? Or is it that we just don’t stop to consider there is a problem? My concern is that it’s not a priority for most people. In addition, there are those… View Article

Pest Control and Waste Management

Pests cause a lot of destruction to the crops. Even though there are lots of chemical pest controls available to help reduce or remove the presence of these destructive pests, the non-chemical pest control is the most reliable and safest form of pest control. One of the most destructive pests that are encountered by many… View Article

Act of Concern

The average Filipino generates 0.3 and 0.5 kilograms of garbage daily in rural and urban areas, respectively. A recent Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2004 study showed that 6,700 MT of waste is generated daily in Metro Manila. Annual waste generation is expected to grow 40% by 2010 These garbage come in many forms: the styrofoams… View Article

Ritik Mathur’s Paper on Non Biodegradable Waste

Non-biodegradable trash is a growing concern to environmentalists as well as anyone wanting to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s important to understand what non-biodegradable trash is, as well as the effects that it is having on our planet. Identification 1.All trash falls into one of two categories, and is either biodegradable or non-biodegradable. By… View Article

Towards A Healthy Lifestyle

The practice of proper garbage disposal is an ancient one but is the most essential thing to consider. Today, some people refuse to consider the practice of proper garbage disposal. It becomes one of the main problems not just in the entire community but also in our home. Garbage disposal have become quite common mostly… View Article

Littering Effect

Litter in our surroundings is an important environmental issue, which many people overlook. While a majority of people do know that littering is a bad thing, many continue to carelessly scatter their trash around nonetheless. There are a host of problems that stem from littering, and the environment has been suffering as a result of… View Article

Rubbish Has No Value

• Introduction, explaining what rubbish is? Explaining what assignment is about. • One – wastefulness and affluence, how this affects rubbish, consumer society • Two – Thompsons Theory, recycling (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure), Jordan’s Junk art. • Three – Stevegraphs/supply & Demand • Four – environment and rubbish • Conclusion, do not… View Article

The Pasig River

“As exemplified by the city government of Marikina, the development of the riverbanks depends mainly on the local government. The political will to evict people from illegally built establishments and structures and to maintain the developed areas along the river has driven local governments to lengthy debates with concerned groups. In addition, funding for the… View Article

Reasearch About Garbage

Allocated sepparate boxes for storing biodegradable and non-biodegradable, which they ultimately sell to junkyards. As for the garbage from markets, a pit was dug near the municipal MRF where market wastes are combined with farm manure to turn into fertlizer. These are given away to vegetable farmers fo free. Since then, they renamed the MRF… View Article

Cleaning and Decontamination in Theatre

The environment plays a relatively minor role in transmitting infection, but dust, dirt and liquid residues will increase the risk. They should be kept to a minimum by regular cleaning and by good design features in buildings, fittings and fixtures. National initiatives such as The Health Act 2006, Essential steps to Safe Clean Care (2006),… View Article

Cause and solution of environmental degradation

Environmental degradation is not a new thing, it has been happening all over the world for centuries. The problem is that it is now occurring at a much faster rate, therefore not leaving enough time for the environment to recover and regenerate. Some of environmental degradation types are fossil fuel burning, waste disposal and deforestation…. View Article

Environmental Issues Associated with Paints and Varnishes

The paint and coatings manufacturing industry is one of the major chemical processing industries. The major environmental impacts of paints and varnishes are concerning their content of solvents and other chemicals. There is a need to encourage manufacturers to use less of these substances, and to ensure proper environmental management throughout the manufacturing process. Procurement… View Article

The Great American Clean Up

For my service learning activity, I participated in the Great American Clean Up; a community wide roadside trash pick up volunteer experience. Our goal as volunteers was to clean up various parts of Statesboro by picking up trash around town. By doing this, we were not only helping to keep our community looking beautiful, but… View Article

Raw Materials as Biofuel Pellets

In the Philippines, forests and woodlands cover about 7,168,400 hectares (http://forestry.denr.gov.ph). These forests have unique environmental and biodiversity values, and make available a wide range of products for subsistence use. The most predominant use of wood is in the form of firewood and charcoal by the majority of Filipinos in both rural and urban areas…. View Article

Functional Skills – Literacy Letter Writing

I belong to a group called ‘Community Concern’. We as a group provide volunteers for community projects. I have recently seen the advert in the local paper about the old bus station being redeveloped and our group have all decided that we would like to volunteer to clean up the area before the work starts… View Article

Household Waste

Efficient use of household waste is a sphere that has not been looked into in the past. But ways of extracting energy from household waste, mainly biological, have surfaced. But for this we need to separate the biodegradable wastes from non biodegradable wastes. Vermicomposting is a process in which biodegradable waste is dumped into the… View Article

Hospital Waste Management

Introduction Hospital waste management is one of the most critical and yet underrated kind of waste management .The growing number of hospitals and the unhealthy eating habits of the people has contributed to the rising number of patients in hospitals. Wastes that are improperly disposed lead to spreading of infection. This will lead to the… View Article

Waste Water Management

1.0 Introduction The working title of the study is initially drafted as: Investigatory Project about Improper Waste Management. In particular, the research will focus on how understanding the nature and dynamics of waste management could effectively lead to effective waste management. The paper discusses in detail the research proposal of the topic. Waste management is… View Article

Industrial and hazardous waste

Throughout the preceding 30 years, researchers and strategy analysts have expressed concerns regarding the impacts of contamination and risks produced by foreign-owned industrialized companies servicing in the Mexican cities neighboring the USA. In spite of the salience of the issue, till date attempts to characterize uneven exposure to exposure in these cities have shaped limited… View Article


“Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Trash can be used to describe many things, things like objects dirty or worthless. We rarely think of trash to be used to describe a person for their worth or their looks. The media today tries to portray a “perfect” image of what a person should look like when… View Article

Recycling Speech Outline

I. Did you take out the trash? That’s the question that has been frequently asked of you to do. Whether from work or home, everyone has trash to throw out. But most people do not care about recycling enough to make the earth a better place. Recycling is painless and it doesn’t take that much… View Article

Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal solid waste generally known as ‘garbage’ constitutes various forms of waste like durable and non durable goods. Durable goods may include all those materials that do not decompose easily while non durable include food waste, plastics, packaging materials and yard waste to mention just a few. Generally, municipal solid waste is composed of office… View Article

Administer Medication To Individuals

The Medicines Act 1968. This governs the control of medicines for human and veterinary use which includes the manufacture and supply of medicines – the Act defines three categories of medicine:- 1. Prescription Only Medicines (POM) These are available only from the chemist /pharmacy if prescribed by GP. 2. Pharmacy Medicines Available from the pharmacy… View Article

Improper Disposal Of Waste

Since the beginning of time people have needed to find a way of disposing of their trash. Proper waste disposal is important to ensure everyone’s safety from possible health hazards. The improper waste disposal is a major sociological problem today due to its capability of contaminating the area in which we live and its potential… View Article

Introduction to the Centralsug System

The Centralsug System is an efficient, modern and exceptionally hygienic method of handling waste. It is based on the principle of transporting waste to the truck. The system utilizes air to transport the waste via a network of underground pipes from buildings to a central collection station. The applications are far ranging, almost any urban… View Article

The Problem With Garbage

The problem with garbage is that it’s a sum zero game. Garbage has to go somewhere but nobody wants it in their backyard. It’s as if trash is deposited in the garbage can and somehow it’s supposed to disappear into some magic black hole. Problem is, there is no black hole. There isn’t even room… View Article

Research about plastic recycling

1. Introduction The task for the students was to write about a topic that interested them, and to apply the learned knowledge and skills in connection with the course information literacy. First step was to get an idea of what to write, therefore brainstorming was the adequate method. With the gained information an own mindmap… View Article