Was Founding Fathers a Great Reformers Essay

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Was Founding Fathers a Great Reformers

As time goes on, the farmers strived to get rid of all those taxes they had been charged since a long time. The political scientist, John P. Roche highly argue on founding fathers were not the group who are interested to benefits the wealthy people, but they are the great reformers who gave the United States its name and the people their needs. He state that the signing the articles of confederation make a stronger national government, national court system, helped to regulate national trade and denied all power of the states.

This is fact, but it did not help the poor people who were begging for their economic rights. The illegal convention began to hold in some of the western counties. The general court (the legislature) precedes the meeting in Hampshire county, in order to take away the cattle of farmers who hadn’t paid their debts, to grab their land and all property they had. They were charged terribly. After this panic, the farmers draw up the groups in order to raise their voice against injustice.

Howard Zinn mentioned the message of farmer to the judges that, “The voice of the people in this county is such that the court shall not enter this courthouse until such time as the people shall have redress of the grievances they labor under at the present”. (Zinn, 128) In conclusion, after reading an articles based on founding fathers, which is considered as an argumentative article. In the article, John P. Roche supports the founding father; He believes founding fathers were not just the revolutionaries but also the great reformers, who led the nation and the people into the path of prosperity and happiness.

The other guy named Howard Zinn does not agree with John P. Roche’s view. I am supportive and harmonize with the ideas of Howard Zinn. The ideas he has provided in articles clearly shows that the founding father were the reformers, but only for the people who has a tons of money and property. In the articles, I am more likely to agree with what radical historian Howard Zinn said about the founding fathers. In one hand, political scientist John P. Roche states that the founding fathers were not just the revolutionaries but also the hero of the nations who established the constitution in need of the nation and the people.

In the other hand, Howard Zinn opposed the John P. Roche point of view towards the founding fathers. Howard Zinn insists that the founding fathers led revolution for the sake or the benefit of the wealthy people, Indians and non-property holding whites. They also establish the strong central government. According to the scientist John P. Roche, the founding fathers are the reformers for the well-being of nation and the people. I am strongly disagree with the John P. Roche statements. We all know that there was a group gathered in Philadelphia to make decision. The decision founding fathers made were all for the welfare of the rich people.

According to the Beard, the majority of democratic politicians who were gathered in Philadelphia in 1787 to establish the constitution of the country, most of them were lawyers, wealth in slaves, lands, manufacturing and shipping the goods to other countries, forty of fifty-five held government bonds based on Treasury Department records. Whatever decision they were making can help them to get rid of the national government bonds. The opposition, Howard Zinn made a point on this overlooked views. The democratic politicians were more interested in economic rather than the good fortunate or prosperity of nations and the people.

The Constitution that was written in 1787 was not just for the strong central government and the economic interest, but also the fear of dreadful event called shays rebellion. Plough Jogger said, “I have been greatly abused; have been forced to do more than my part in the war, been loaded with class rates, town rates, province rates, Continental rates and many others”. (Jogger, 127) The rates he have been charged goes to the rich people. His property was sold in fewer amounts than it was originally worth. The poor people were treated badly. Howard Zinn has mentioned the hardship that farmer had to go through during the time of reforms.

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