Warfare Essay Topics

Iliad as a war literature

Homer’s epic poem, “The Iliad,” is probably one of the best stories that tell us about war. In this poem, we see humans fighting with humans, gods fighting with humans, and even gods fighting with gods. Even though it was made some time around the 7th century BC, we can associate with our modern warfare…. View Article

History of Biological Warfare

Biological warfare, also called germ warfare is the use of bacteria, toxins, virus or harmful organism by the military as weapons of war against the enemy. This means that a small quantity of these microorganisms have the capability to kill millions of people if spread evenly and effectively. These biological weapons can also cause sickness… View Article

The Christian’s Weapons for Spiritual Warfare

Christianity presupposes the existence of the supernatural. After all, God is invisible and so are the angels and demons documented in the Bible as spirits that are present in the world inhabited by humans. Too often, however, because they are not seen, most people do not believe in the reality of the spiritual world. The… View Article

Relevance of Earlier Warfare to Modern Warfare

The art of War has been the subject of great scholarly activity as the attributes that make a person a skilled Commander in times of War have arose great curiosity amongst statesmen, generals and philosophers alike. More surprisingly, the advent of modern warfare has cast a shadow of fallacy on the minds of many individuals… View Article

Warfare In the Middle East

The babies cry. The teens scream. The adults are lead into battle. It is a controversy of what is the conflict in the Middle East. What is going on with the balance of these two cultures between the Israel government and the Arab government? The question is why can’t they get along? The evidence of… View Article

Should medical science be managed?

From a religious point of view, science and tech should be managed, as the advancement in science and technology has led to the encroachment of religions worldwide. Major religions have held onto the belief that all life is sacred; greatly valuing the sanctity of life, however, advancement into fields such as genetic engineering (which has… View Article