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Reflective Essay On War Of The Worlds

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Essay, Pages 5 (1122 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1122 words)

War of the worlds was a radio drama anthology series performed and written by a theatre group called Mercury Theatre. Mercury Theatre was a theatre company founded in New York City by Orson Welles and John Houseman. The war of the worlds was the first broadcasting radio that caused chaos and havoc though out the country. The war of the worlds was broadcasted on CBS for the first hour it was broadcasted as a news bulletin saying that there was a Martian invasion and killing people.

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The Ghost Train The British play written in 1923 by Arnold Ridley was a BBC radio drama.

The Ghost on the train was about group passengers who are stranded in an isolated station. I am legend A population destroyed by a man made virus leaving Neville as the last human survivor in the city and possibly the world. Everyday Neville the protagonist of the story is watched by mutant infected victims turned to blood sucking vampires from the plague.

Neville’s life for months after the plague as only been to survive by fixing his boarded home with garlic necklaces, wooden stakes and prays for sunlight. The last remaining human is outnumbered by the infected he tries to find a cure. The War Of The Worlds (Independently Produced)

The war of the worlds was broadcasted on October 30th 1938 as a special Halloween drama but no one knew. The first half hour of the drama was set as if it was a news bulletin saying Martians invasion.

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The drama started off with a normal classical music program when the show was interrupted with a special bulletin making the drama already seem real. The effects they used to make the drama seem real was a actor pretending to be a news reporter speaking in a old American accent saying there are Martian’s in a farm in New Jersey which is a real location which would give more terror to the public.

The effects they used to make the drama seem more realistic to the public that was listening, was by the sound noises they would have used because the audience can only hear what’s happening, in one case their is a scientist talking about the Martian’s technology you can hear a clock ticking in the background making it seem that the scientist is in a laboratory and in another case to make the drama more real is when the pilots are in a plane going to attack the Martian space ship.

You can hear the planes propeller and engine in the background making it seem more realistic, this is also the part when the aircraft supposedly got shot down by the Martian’s space ship and there was a sudden silence giving the effect that there was lost contact with the aircraft which would give more of the reason of hostile danger for the public.

The use of different locations such as one attack in a farm another in the air would give more fear to the public and interviews as well makes the story seems real with actors acting to be witnesses of the Martian space craft. When the Martians first attack you can also hear alarms, people screaming and gunshots from the humans and laser sound effects from the Martians weapons in the background. The type of narrative style used in the war of the worlds is represented with each different character.

Each character that spoke in the drama had a role such as the farmer where the Martians landed he had a Texas cow boy accent and was speaking in a hurry voice giving the effect to the audience that he was nervous and worried about what was going on, also with the news filed reporter at the scene of the Martians landing area. He was speaking in a calmly till the Martians started to attack the humans around them. I Am Legend (BBC Radio Drama) I am legend is narrated by a single narrator throughout the nine chapters of the radio drama. When the radio drama starts you can hear the intro music.

The radio drama starts off with the main character Neville waking up in his boarded house and already you get the sense of danger. It was very important that the voice of the narrator keeps the audience interested and engaged in the story other wise the audience wouldn’t listen to the story. What kind of methods the narrator uses to keep, the audience listening is acting out the scenes where there is an instances moment such as when Neville’s watch doesn’t work and the sun sets and finds him surrounded by mutated victims from the plague.

It’s very important that the narrator would keep the instance moment screaming and shouting into the microphone, also scenes when the Neville is suffering in the boarded house at night because of the noises the vampires make at night and seeing women out side you can tell that Neville is suffering “I always hear the noises out side, no matter what I do I can still hear them and the women, o god and the women”. The use of what’s happening at the start as well makes the audience want to know what’s going on.

The narrator gives clues to what’s happened and who the main character hiding is from; “I hang the garlic necklace at the windows, they only come out at night, only a wooden stake though the heart works and they still hate the cross”. The narrator doesn’t tell you who they are but you can imagine that their vampires also the characters in the story are not described who they are such as Cathy is Neville’s that died during the plague and his wife became a vampire.

At the start of documentary when the first nightfall comes in the story there is a certain vampire that calls Neville’said name every night. The audience understands that these two characters know each other but how and later on in the story you learn that Ben Cortmen the vampire that calls for Neville every night is Neville’s neighbor before the plague. The use of description helps the audience understand, feel more engaged in the story and get a better idea of what’s the environment like.

The narrator describes every motion and every detail in each scene to make sure the audience can follow and not get lost. How the audiences learn to care about Neville is the description of the suffering he goes though every day; the plug in ears to cut out the noise that comes from out side, the lost of his family, how time is so slow, the vampire women outside making noises and having to fix his home every single night.

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