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War Is Big Business Essay

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When wars erupt, suffering and hardship invariably follow. “Conflict is the breeding ground for mass violations of human rights including unlawful killings, torture, forced displacement and starvation” (www.amnesty.org). This is basically the definition for armed conflict. Armed conflict in my opinion simply means war. Our men and women constantly put their lives on the line, possibly over a dispute between two powerful men who could not come to an agreement. Our men and women our dispatched out to the war zone, and destroy on command just to help these powerful men gain more power.

World War II had the most casualties ever in the history of war. World War II was a global war that started in 1939 and ended in 1945. I believe this war started because of unresolved issues from World War I. World War II in my opinion was a war where different nations fought against each other, but I believe the center focus was on Germany. One of the major consequences World War II had on the United States was the economy.

The economy was stronger than it was from World War I.

The United States became a dominant world economy. Men and women in the United States began to find jobs. The unemployment rate went down tremendously. United States was no longer a country of poverty, but has risen to a country of freedom and prosperity. The second major consequence World War II had on the United States was its military. The United States was known to have the strongest military in the world. The United States military established different bases all over the United States and in other countries as well. I believe this was part of the strategy to prevent any other wars from happening. The United States now recognized as the world leader was now at the center focus of the nations. The United States benefited greatly from World War II. War in my opinion is big business. I feel every time the economy gets in trouble, a war is probably going to happen. Sadly the lives of our American people are lost because of the misuse of money in our government. World War II on American sensibilities had a great affect on people of the United States. The first thing that took place was food had to be rationed out.

There was a great shortage of food during that time, and it caused Americans much inconvenience. I believe there may have been long lines for the American people to wait for hours just to get something to eat. Gasoline and clothing also had to be rationed out. In my opinion there may have been limited driving for the American people. Industries had been converted to military goods, so consumer goods were hard to come by (answers.yahoo.com). World War II also had a great impact on women. Women were permitted to join the work force. Women were doing the same jobs that men were doing. I believe this was the starting point of women becoming bread winners for their house hold. In society today, women have become more independent than ever. World War II forever changed the status of women in the United States.

I think Americans may have viewed World War II as a time of great tension between all nations. The United States did not want to get involved with the war, but during that time Germany was rising to a world super power. The United States had to get involved in order to keep from becoming a defeated nation. I think the American people still view World War II to be the most dreadful war of all time. World War II changed the United States role in the nation. The United States became the leading nation in the world. The United States was able to help build other nations. The United States was the only industrialized nation that wasn’t touch by the war.

In my opinion I feel the United States is a helping hand to all nations in this world. Americans should be grateful than to complain. I believe World War II was a great benefit for the United States. In my opinion World War II literally repaired America. The United States was a nation that was falling off at the hinges, but the war strengthen the economy that greatly benefited the American people to get jobs and take care of their families. I believe World War II played a major role in the freedom that we as American people have this day. I believe America will always be the leading nation in this world.

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