War between Georgians and Ossetians Essay

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War between Georgians and Ossetians

One of the most recent military conflicts is the war between Georgians and Ossetians, the members of two similar ethnic groups. The “motherland” of the two ethnic groups is almost common and both finally migrated to the Caucasian mountains, so their time-honored lifestyle is also to great extent alike. For instance, Georgians and Ossetians have been long adherent to Christianity and observed the same traditions, rituals and rules.

Furthermore, by mentality, Ossetians and Georgians are hot-blooded and impulsive as well as generous, hospitable and family-oriented. In their child upbringing and cross-generational relations patterns the groups are also akin, due to the fact that both have a high degree of respect for the elderly and prefer quite stringent compliance-gaining methods with minors.

However, Georgians are much more domineering in terms of their authoritarian mentality and striving for a clear structural and political organization in a state or region, whereas Ossetians are great freedom-lovers, yet much more peaceful. Therefore, most areas, traditionally populated by Ossetians, belonged to Georgia, which, however, had practiced individualized approach towards the ethnic minority group and valued diversity and Ossetians’ human rights until 2005-2006.

Given that most recent policies have not been coordinated with Ossetian regional governments, the group demonstrated nonconformity and started disobedience actions and other protests of mainly separatist nature. Conformity, in classical social psychology, is a construct composed of three main elements, including compliance, or observance of certain norms on public, identification, or the sense of belonging to certain group and corresponding loyal behavior, and internalization, or acceptance of the norms both privately and publicly (Aronson, Wilson & Akert, 2005).

In the above described situation, separatism refers to the lack of identification and internalization; in other words, Ossetians have always been aware of their ethnic background, cultural uniqueness and thus required certain autonomy and self-governance in order to have an opportunity to realize their cultural practices. Once deprived of this entitlement and affected by aggressive globalization, Ossetians promptly reacted to Georgian mode of management.

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