War and football Essay

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War and football

Football is a sport that requires a lot of sweat, hard work and dedication. In football, teammates become family, trust is built with them and the feeling of being protected and supported surrounds every move a football player takes. Practice is where sacrifices are made, a lot of pain is suffered and times when a lot of players feel like it isn’t worth it. When putting on that football uniform, its just like putting on an army uniform. Cleats are the grip that aids in the ability to not fall down during war, the pants are shields to prevent the enemy from hurting any part of the body.

Football pads can be the weapon and the biggest impact, you can use them at any time and if you time it just right it can be the difference between a win and lose. When hitting the opposing team with the strength of the pads and hearing the crack it makes, it feels like nothing else in this world. The impact is felt, but the aftershock is what keeps the game interesting and the players motivated. The helmet is the most important thing in war, it protects the most important thing on the battle field; the brain. When the helmet is put on, a feeling rushed through the body of the athlete and he begins to mentally prepare for battle.

Football and fighting in a war have many similarities. Just like wars and battles are fought on battlefields, football also takes place on a specific field. The football field is a hundred yards long and this represents the boundaries inside which the battle takes place. The real battles in wars also take place in certain areas and not inside cities and towns. The players in a football game are penalized if the ball goes out of bounds and they have to try very hard to keep the ball inside the boundaries in order to progress in the game.

When the sounds of whistles go off, the game comes to a quick pause while the ball is either progressed further down the field or turned over to the other team. Similarly, just as a war has its death, football has its own rules that allow the referee to monitor the actions of the players. If a player does not play by the rules, he is given a warning by the referee and he might even be thrown out of the game if he breaks more than one rule more than once. Football is a great game that gives the greatest adrenaline rush that cannot be explained.

The smell of the grass is potent, refreshing and deathly. The smell of confidence, fear and adrenaline is all around. The whole atmosphere of a football stadium is so beautiful. The crowd cheering, referees blowing whistles, coaches yelling, the smell of sweat and anticipation fills the stadium. This game gives the chance to completely forget about everything and to block out the world for those few minutes. Football takes a player away from all family problems such as who is going to pay the next bill and allows them to just put their pain on somebody else.

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