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Want education

Situation: You register for a course required in your major. It is the last course you need to graduate. When you go to the first class meeting, the instructor tells you that your name is NOT on the roster. the course is full, and no other selection of the course is being offered. You’ve been shut of the class. The instructor tells you that you’ll have to postpone graduation and return next semester to complete the required course. Placatator: Ooohh well, stuff happens! It must of been a sign that I needed a break before graduation anyways. Blaming: I can’t believe my name wasn’t on the roster.

It can’t be! I’m positive that I registered for the classes. Geez its probably the teachers fault he probably skipped my name and missed me. Or the school system forgot to put my name on the roster. The school system never works properly. Somethings always needs to go wrong! Leveling: I’m so upset and sad at the same time. I should of doubled check when I registered for the class. If I had doubled check when I registered for class I wouldn’t be in this situation! But now I know, so that when I come back next semester I’ll make sure I check three times just in case.

2. Too My Friends, My most challenging academic goal for this semester is to find time to study. I feel that i dont have much time to study since I have school, work, and personal responsibilities. I like having friends to socialize because that builds up great communication between one another. But also it can be too much sometimes. I can’t always hang out with you guys or go out to do stuff because i need to stay focused on my priorities. Having a hard time to find time to study is a stepping stone to my dream because if I hardly have time to study how will I be successful in my goal.

My dream is to become a labor delivery nurse and I’m at skyline trying to transfer to a University of California to be where I want to be. A big obstacle for me to get there are distractions like having those type of friends that always want to go out and not go to school. I love my friends but I don’t need those friends slowing me down from my dream. If my friends are more motivated to do more school things then it will help me a lot because we’re going together in school trying to learn and do something better.

A reluctance for me to ask for assistant is not fear but more like how to ask for it. Sometimes its hard for me to put words together for others to understand what I mean. If my friends are good to me and to themselves then school would be a lot easier for all of us. 3. My assertiveness in pursuing my goals have been good so far. I’m on track of goals and making sure I’m physically and mentally in class. I’ve been doing all my homework and getting good grades on my tests.

It feels good knowing that you’re doing well in school because I feel better about myself and less overwhelmed. I feel that everyday I give it my best to be closer to my dream. I learned that blaming others won’t get you anywhere. Blaming others won’t solve anything because you need to learn how to solve things on your own. Placating won’t help either because it kinda shows that you didn’t try your best. Overall tho, in leveling you learn because you learn not to do it again and you’re trying to solve a situation on your own in hope for it not to happen again in the future.

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