Want and Prostitution Answers Essay

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Want and Prostitution Answers

Different people tend to take on different occupations based on their wants and needs in life. Prostitution, to many people, might appear to be the worst of them all, but what people in general need to realize is that there are certain reasons why certain women either choose to be or are undesirably forced into this profession. Many women affiliated with the act of prostitution are usually from poor families, most likely cannot support their own families, or unfortunately because of certain problems that have forced them to obtain this particular profession. Why is it that prostitution is not legalized in all fifty states of our United States of America, instead of only in Nevada and Amsterdam? Should the law be changed? Does it deserve to be? To many people prostitution might seem like an immoral manner to earn money, but if looked at in a larger perspective, people view prostitution as being immoral because women sell their bodies, for merely nothing.

But what about those who sell their souls in order to earn more money onto their usual income? This kind of money-making agenda is seen all over the world as a way for people to obtain bribes and in return do other’s work either easier, better, or more efficiently than what it would have turned out to be if committed legally or morally. Generally, society has a tendency of pointing out flaws in everything that does not follow the norms of what is expected by the society itself. People in our world today obtain many different types of occupations not because they feel obligated to, but truly because they want to do what is right and correct, like helping those who are in need or who cannot pay for the basic necessities of life. It is truly because people want to compete with the society itself, and the rules which are set by it.

For example, teenagers these days can be found working either one to two jobs in order to make some extra money, but is that money going towards their college education or is it for something positive in their lives. Or is this money just helping them achieve a certain status of fashion by purchasing and wearing name brand apparel clothing and competing with the rest of society? When understanding morality, there is no real moral definition in earning a living because one who wants to compete for a materialistic cause or because one wants to look attractive, will always do whatever it takes to get what they want and get the attention which they need. Like every other occupation, whether it is to support oneself or to support one’s image, a job is a job and therefore there should be no reason why prostitution should be declared illegal or immoral, anywhere.

When one says prostitution is a job, it is not thought of women’s submission to pimps, because where in any other profession is there any resemblance of pimps at all. No one thinks about the depressive circumstances, or about the lead into drugs and alcohol. There is no thought about the arrival of prostitution by the way of physical and psychological mistreatment. There is no thought of the hiring of women who arrive from foreign countries wishing to carry out other forms of work, only to discover in the end, just a debt for their voyage and a sole possibility for paying it off in time.

There is a great deal of oversight into the vast number of women in this occupation who are unfortunately incorporated due to the reasons of hunger, homelessness and helplessness. When one says prostitution is a job, the only thought is of the everyday actions with women selling themselves on corner streets. There is no sympathy from the public and nowhere for these women to turn to. These women who are in economic need, and are maturely and freely choose this way of making a living, have no one and nowhere to turn to for help.

These points are unfortunately never thought of, this way of thinking and understanding rarely ever happens. These people with clear minds work in the profession, to incur extra income for themselves, have their own human right to act accordingly. These people whom the law respects and who can therefore return the respect back, and who probably separate their working relationships from their healthy lives, are able to find responsibility, understanding, dignity and affection in the aspects of their work. There are many actual prostitutes, which work by profession, and not by vice. These women who have made their own choice because it gives them personal freedom, or the kind of free human relation and right, which they are highly interested in, and not just for the money. Is there a freedom, a freedom to your rights, in this country? By this point itself, and this point alone, the above statement proves to be untrue.

Morality, do we not believe in it and practice it every day of our lives? Is not the United States of America a free country, where we as Americans are able to believe and evide by our own personal morals? Where in the constitution does it say that prostitution should not be legalized, or illegalized for that matter? Whether one is a government official, a working parent, or just an ordinary student attending a local school, every single individual is free to decide their own livelihood. Even further, everyone is entitled to their own morality as well as in the ways which they act towards it. For example, last year when President Clinton was in office, there was a quite popular scandal about President Clinton and Miss Monica Lewinsky which filled the media beyond control with out of control news.

Now where is the morality in one’s president having an affair with another women, rather then serving the country and concentrating on more important aspects of the country? What about his wife, and the immoral act he played against her? What is the difference between a country’s presidents spending nights with another women, as compared to a prostitute who sells her body to earn a living? In almost every religion, sex before marriage is considered the biggest sin to commit but according to last year’s poll, which was published in Seventeen magazine, noted “eighty five percent of girls lose their virginity before, or the night of their proms”. (Seventeen Magazine April 1999) Now, no one in the society would consider this to be immoral because it is so common among its citizens, and people seem to overlook this point. Just because prostitution is not as common or not as sought after as much as intimate relationships are amongst teenagers, does not mean that these relationships are not immoral.

So when we speak about prostitution as being an occupation, we are hopefully looking to the future, even if we do not want to be accused of looking to our dreams. This future is almost tangible in some countries like in Northern Europe for example, Amsterdam where prostitution is not penalized, not prosecuted, not morally perceived as being wrong, and therefore is a common and regular way of living. Understanding that prostitution answers to a genuine social need, knowing that there is much sexual and affective need, prostitution can be a help for all those in need.

We are speaking about the existent world, not about an ideal one. Somewhere in the Netherlands, there has been a municipal program to provide sexual encounters to handicapped and lonely people. This is the future we are thinking about. Obviously, not everybody is apt for the legalization of prostitution, just as not everybody can perform brain surgery, but our personal preferences and even our feelings cannot turn into universal law. Is there a real social need? If there is, then society must answer to this need, in rational and dignified ways.

At present under the real conditions of the world, one would never suggest to a person who has other options to work in prostitution. But in those people working already in it, poor women with family burdens, transsexual women who are discriminated against, or simply people who enjoy this kind of freedom, there should be no laws holding them back. So to face the facts, and to face the future and our social needs prostitution should be legalized to reject the exploitation and help those in the trade who are weak or less fortunate.

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